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Juztyn 04-04-2002 08:09 PM

Poll: Which skins/mods/levels would you like to see?
Well? I've heard alot of people asking for a chewie skin, and I was going to do a JO style remake of Higher Ground (a JK level I made a while ago)... So what kinds of skins/mods/levels would you like to see made after the SDK comes out?

I'll keep a running list here so people won't make double posts:

- Chewbacca
- Darth Maul (done, no?)
- Darth Vader
- Dark Kyle (also done, no?)
- Anakin (ep2)
- Jango/Boba Fett
- JK1 darkjedi (Yun, Sariss, Jerec, Boc)
- Mace Windu
- Obi-wan
- Yoda
- Corran Horn, Kyp Durran, other EU chars.
- Twi'lek
- Mon Calamari
- Emperor's Royal Guard
- C3PO
- Battle Droid
- Other Ep1 models
- Amidala, Gungan, etc.
- Han, Mara, Leia, etc.
- E.T.!
- Gammorean Guard
- Leia in slave/bounty hunter outfits :p
- Admiral Thrawn
- Barkeeper from Nar Cantina
- Jabba the Hutt (haha)
- Amidala
- Emperor Palpatine
- Admiral Piett
- IG-88, Dengar, 4-LOM, other bounty hunters.
- Exar Kun
- Admiral Daala
- Quarren
- Aqualish
- Nein Nunb
- Wedge Antilles
- James Bond
- Kenny (dear god no..)
- Superman
- Leia's kids (jaina jacen anakin
- Sam & Max
- Indiana Jones
- Sy Snoodles
- Snowtrooper (w/ cape)
- The Grim Fandango characters
- Jawas
- Spacetrooper
- Darktrooper
- Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru
- Monkey Island group
- Hammerhead (Ithorian)

- Duel of the Fates
- Ewok Village
- Mos Eisley (and Cantina)
- Tatooine
- Jabba's Palace
- Canyon Oasis
- Jawa Sandcrawler
- Better Bespin/Death Star levels (remakes)
- Coruscant
- Endor (forest/shield base/etc)
- Star Destroyer (remakes)
- Massassi Temple (inside)
- Vong Ship (EU books)
- Hoth
- Hadley's Hope colony from Aliens
- Imperial building/prison/research facility (as if we're not going to get any of these :p)
- Sith swamp/temple levels like the ones in mots
- Sacrifice Chamber (More Vong stuff)
- Executor (Vader's flagship)
- Sarlacc
- More duel levels.. saber, nf, long catwalks.
- Jedi High School (shudder)
- The Battle Arena from AotC
- The Death Star hanger where Obi Wan dies.
- Shield Generator Bunker
- Pod Race Arena from TPM
- Naboo Palace
- I would love to see a Multiplayer level that makes good use of the force powers (like SP) For example. A level that has a special area that only people w/ certain force powers allocated can get to. ie. A high platform that leads to a certain weapon. This can only be reached by people with full force jump. An area that you have to use full force push to break through and get something else. An area where you have tu pull some lever with force pull in order to access another area. etc.
- Valley of the Jedi
- Yoda's Swamp (please.. not like the one made for JK)
- A Duel level in the rain (awesome idea)
- Kashyyyk (wookie homeworld)
- Vortex (the musical Glass tower that Leia crashed into in the thrawn trilogy)
- Lower levels of Coruscant
- Myrykr (no force powers)
- a Mon Cal capital ship
- New Republic senate chamber
- Gungan city (good for the Jar-Jar slaughter mod)
- Naboo city

- "A sabreur's version of the Jedi Master game type (all players get sabres only, one double-blade for Master; call the mode Sith Lord and give Lord all Dark powers, all others restricted to light?)"
- "An emperor mod where the emperor has very damaging lightning, but all other force powers are weak. Maybe this is just stupid :) "
- "Slay the Gungan's map! Tons and tons of Gungans running around like morons saying stupid things like "You say people gonna die??". You'll need some good sound files of Jar Jar as well as a nice rewarding death scream."
- New Jedi Order mod
- New saber colors
- Coop/Teamwork mods
- Port of DF/JK
- Coop mod
- "Maybe a bounty-hunter mod? One player is a bounty-hunter armed with nice guns, and all other players only have pistols. Only the hunter scores points, and the guy that kills him takes his place."
- Clone wars

- Blas-Tech DL44
- E-Web
- Force pike
- Force axe
- Vibroblade
- Rebel Alliance blaster (From the beginning of ANH)
- Boba Fett Gun
- Tusken long rifle
- Gaffi sticks (no bantha traks needed)
- "Hold-out" blaster
- Dual lightsabers (with animations)
- Akimbo pistols

A'Gaeris 04-04-2002 08:11 PM

How about some good Jedi/Dark Jedi skins? How about any Jedish skins? Heh, the game seems to lack them.

Jedith 04-04-2002 08:17 PM

i'd like to see a map for the last part of episode 1 when obi wan, qui gonn, and darth maul were fighting. plus all the laser doors, and the around pit room, hehehe :D

Pvt_Dancer 04-04-2002 08:23 PM

I'd like to see an Ewok village. It may sound stupid but I think it would be nice, with the catwalks and some platforms... some huts... could have a nice atmosphere.

Like to see Mos Eisley too. The sand, the saloon, more sand... maybe some banthas standing around for atmosphere.

TrUeFoRcE 04-04-2002 08:23 PM

definately need to have : darth maul, darth vader, anakin ep2, jango and boba fett, models and a dark luke skin for luke...

Hiteche5 04-04-2002 08:28 PM

/me gives a big :thumbsup: to Jedith on the eps 1 map.

I think alot of people want to see eps1 like jedi's too and of course alot of people would like to see the freezing chamber done over with a working switch and freeze. I would like to see a CTF map with a Tattoine like setting. Skins for me...hmmm...I would like to see JK 1's models redone for this Yun, Jerec and Sariss.

camp3r 04-04-2002 08:33 PM

an updated canyon oasis?

Coran 04-04-2002 08:54 PM

I'd like to see somebody make a Mace Windu model, I also second a Mos Eisley level with all the "colorful" locals, I think the level would more fun if it was SP though and not MP, but thats just my opinion.

I was very impressed with your Canyon River lvl in JK1.

MysteriousJedi 04-04-2002 09:03 PM

jedi in general would be better, and i second pretty much everything everyone else has said already. for a map id like to see jaba the hutts lair from return of the jedi. for a model, actually its not a character model but id like to see a double edged saber. the only reason i dont think id like it however is because im sure everyone would start using it. and what about an obie wan skin? finaly, it would be cool to see a levitating yoda ( the only reason to levitate him is because hes too short otherwise.) i always thought it would be cool to see yoda using a saber in some way.

ill stop here cause i could go on all day.

one quick thought: mos eisley would be awesome liek someone said and also there was a level made for dark forces 2 that was the jawas big driving thing from the first star wars, that level was done well.

ThreshRPG 04-04-2002 09:10 PM

Skins/Models: DARTH VADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Levels: Mos Eisley + Cantina

More Single Player levels!

Darth Sane 04-04-2002 09:14 PM

The Ewok Village? everytime someone tries to make that into any Star Wars game, it ends up looking like Kelethin out of EverQuest! Heck, the only time they got the ewok village right was when someone make Kelethin for Unreal Tournament - that looked like it =P weird irony, huh?

Juztyn 04-04-2002 09:35 PM

The first post has been updated. Great ideas, everyone. Keep 'em coming.

eastcoast2895 04-04-2002 09:43 PM

obi-wan skin from episode 1 or 2. also a level of of the last scene of episode 1. be so much fun to be obi-wan (or qui-gon or darth maul) and be part of the entire last battle. anakin skin would be great too. oh yeah, how about a level of that scene from the trailer for episode 2 where the jedi are surronded by droids. be great you and a handful of jedi against thousands of droids that can be cut like butter.

MysteriousJedi 04-04-2002 09:45 PM

i guess that thing i mentioned was a sand crawler. this was a great idea for a thread. even if you dont use all of these ideas its a great list to have for map makers and skinners. oh and i cant believe i forgot this one: the jedi academy from sp outcast. it was fun dueling in there during sp.

Eudaimic 04-04-2002 09:52 PM

I have a long running relationship with the quake engine, and I've been doing a lot of stuff in the Q3 engine, and I can't wait to get down and dirty with Jedit (well that's what I'd call it if I was Raven :D).

I got a 4 months summer vacation coming up, and I need a project or two to work on so I don't go ca-wazy, and I'm thinking the MP levels for JO could use a major overhauling in general...

Personally I've always been in love with Cloud City, the architecture, the atmosphere, the lighting, everything is juuust right. So I might go for that, as I find the current ffa_bespin to be less than adequate (well I find a lot of the levels in JO to be less than adequate, but the duels more than make up for that ;)).

Either that or a proper deathstar map, because the one that's in there now is pretty boring...

A Coruscant duel level would kick ass, maybe place it on a landing platform or two or between two buildings with walkways and platforms that you could force jump inbetween.

The problem with maps like Coruscant and Cloud City though, is that to give them the right atmosphere you need them to be open and have the right view over the cities, and making that'll be a b*tch. But I know that there's a lot of 3D Star Wars sites out there, maybe they could supply the models and someone just has to put it all together and render out a 360 environ. map... I'll get right on that...

As a quick note, I hope that the updated GtkRadiant and accompanying compile tools will be ported to JO, because the lighting in a lot of the maps (Bespin again...) is horrible!

Primarily though, I hope that people will make up their own locations, of course keeping within the spirit of Star Wars, but the possibilities are practically endless! After all, we've seen most of those locations before, and although it would be cool to fight in them, I'm just as anxious to see new exciting places.

But add Coruscant and a Cloud City remake on there. And maybe above a lava stream :D (but maybe we should wait till after E3 to make sure it gets juuust right).

Now we just need confirmation from Raven that the SDK will be released within a day or two... (no, there's no rumor floating around about that, so don't ask).

r0bman 04-04-2002 10:23 PM

My favorite map in JK/MOTS will have to be the bespin map... the platform, carb freeze chamber, and everything... I was very disappointed with the pathetic on they stuck in JO... I'm working on one right now, but I'm kind of affraid that I won't be able to convert it to JO... I'm using Radiant :(

As for skins, Vader is a must. So's the Fetts, and I'd love a Corran Horn skin... Kyp Durron, NJO style... older... and a twilek w/ animated braintails would be really neat. Just all the cool jedi in general need to be done... JO was really lacking in skins and mp maps... and that's my humble opinion ;)

DrNutz 04-04-2002 10:43 PM

Mod Request...
Ok, so we all want Jedi skins and more levels and we all have great ideas... but us admins could really use an Admin Mod. Something similar to admin mod for CS. There may allready be one, and I would be interested in hearing about it if there was. I'd try to do it myself, but I don't have the time. I barely have enough time to play da game, much less code it!


NerfYoda 04-04-2002 10:48 PM

I wouldn't mind seeing skins from the Emperor's royal guard, a Mon Calamari, variants on the Stormtrooper model (I loved seeing the scout troopers in MOTS). Generic various Rebel/Empire uniforms woul be cool too.

Simplex 04-04-2002 10:50 PM


RE: Canyon Oasis, just like the old.

A map where we can somehow force pull the lever for the carbon chamber, and instead of freezing them (no animation for it).....just suck them out? Or kill em? I HATE the carbon duel map without the danger of falling in and getting frozen.


Battle Droid
Dark Kyle (I have one, but it is only decent)
Crimson Guard! (Palpatines red guards)
^ would be SO COOL! I got comics on them. They have a blaster under their cloak AND a metal staff that slices! They can kill storm troopers like *BAM*. They are cool. Make skin.

Fetts, etc....

Cassiel_Blaize 04-05-2002 12:42 AM

Simplex, I assume you're talking about the Crimson Empire series? You're right, they rawwk.
As to things I'd like to see:
  • An Endor Shield Base map (I remember the idea being bandied around somewhere...)
  • A decent Star Destroyer level (with flight bay etc.)
  • A Yavin map of the base from Ep4
  • A map inside a Rebel starship (for a change from Imperial Grey)
  • Models for all the major Jedi so far seen
  • Mandalorian models
  • Ep1 models like Amidala, Battledroid, Gungan etc.
  • Other character models- Han, Chewie, Leia, Mara- you get the idea
  • A sabreur's version of the Jedi Master game type (all players get sabres only, one double-blade for Master; call the mode Sith Lord and give Lord all Dark powers, all others restricted to light?)

Swamp 04-05-2002 12:48 AM

i was thinking of a dueling map ... a LONG and WIDE catwalk ... that would be cool, with nothing under it ... although without force turned off this map would be horrible ...

or maybe 2 catwalks, one under another forming an X ... i dunno .. kinda sounds cool, but that one idea of a map about the saber fight between obi maul and quigon ... thatd be cool

i cant express my desire to have a fett model and skin, jango or boba it doesn't matter ...

Darthtoast 04-05-2002 01:15 AM

Good ideas
- Royal Guard
- Jango/Boba Fett
- A good double bladed lightsaber. Held differently, moved differently etc. (I should wake up in.... 30 seconds :) )
- Updated Canyon Oasis
- An emperor mod where the emperor has very damaging lightning, but all other force powers are weak. Maybe this is just stupid :D

I would only say make a Darth Vader if you can make the cape flop around as you move. A cardboard cape wouldn't be cool

Best idea:
- Slay the Gungan's map! Tons and tons of Gungans running around like morons saying stupid things like "You say people gonna die??". You'll need some good sound files of Jar Jar as well as a nice rewarding death scream.

Cognito 04-05-2002 01:21 AM

Ok, this may sound a bit odd but how about E.T. They were in episode one so it fits in with the SW universe. But hell if i know how to do it right. hed have run with his arms like in the rerelease that just came out, or not. just an idea.

Rogue9_dlb 04-05-2002 01:46 AM

I'd love to see a Corran Horn skin or a Vong mod with amphistaff, thud bugs, etc. An Aliens vs. Predator mod would be cool too.
As for levels:
A hanger
Vong ship
Imperial building/prison/research facility
Endor forest
Hadley's Hope colony from Aliens :P

Vierina 04-05-2002 01:52 AM

Hmm why dont I Yoda any where plz plz come on I think that would be just so so cool if you could be little yoda with with a saber and if not still you guys should be asking for a skin like that

Juztyn 04-05-2002 02:23 AM

first post updated with all the posted ideas.

Raven_Xwing 04-05-2002 02:24 AM

For models how about jabba the hut, lol
han solo , the rancoor keeper complete with big belly!, gamorreon gaurd, yuuzhan Vong model from the new jedi order books, ryn..hansolos new side kick in thhe new jedi order books,
leia in the bounty hunters outfit.
the hammer head guy (Ithorian), watto from eps. one:fett:

for a level ceasers palce from the jedi knight game.

Farseer 04-05-2002 02:27 AM

Awesome SW maps have been done
Instead of recreating the wheel, let's use what is already available.

If any of you play Unreal Tournament then you may (or may not) have seen the awesome Star Wars maps made by Pat-BadKarma-Fitzsimons. There's the simple awesome Death Star map with ultra reflective floors (not sure if the Quake engine can handle this) with the Falcon is one of the hangars and you can go inside the Falcon. There's the Naboo map with palace and underground Jedi battleground. Hmmm, the AT-AT barge is stellar! You are inside the hangar bay of a Star Destroyer - in the bay is a barge, so you go in the barge - in the barge is an AT-AT, so you go in the AT-AT! Truely awesome! And of course there is Mos Eisley.

Ok, so these maps are done. They just need to be convertes to whatever format JK needs. Maybe we can persuade BadKarma to do this or at least allow someone else to.

Well, anyway you can check out some pics and DLs here.



Jonyo 04-05-2002 03:28 AM

How about redoing the mots swamp/sith temple infiltration. the mood and atmosphere still scares the snot out of me. I would love a good sp level, or sp story throughout mutilple levels.

Reason being is that saber combat better in sp, imo. I would love some good sp levels with good sw atmosphere. no more random mazes, with just killing. a little bit of story, and a little bit of atmosphere can go a long way to having the player feel like he's a sw movie, not just a rat in a maze.

I love the way Raven did combat in this game!

Sartis 04-05-2002 03:28 AM


Dark Kyle(need an angry faced dark kyle)
Exar Kun
Anakin from Episode 2
Jango Fett
Boba Fett


Canyon Oasis
Duel of the Fates

mradidas_002 04-05-2002 03:35 AM

i think they need to make a blade skin with his sword instead of a saber. i think i could be cool anyways

Corran2015 04-05-2002 03:58 AM


Corran Horn above all and yes i know it was posted above, just stating though.

Abalister 04-05-2002 04:02 AM

I need my black saber and i need it NOW!!!

Sorry but it was my favorite in JK1
So Please I'm on my knees Can someone anybody do this
Or tell me how to do it and i'll give it a shot
Thx in advance

Shropt 04-05-2002 04:11 AM

How about just letting us use the models that are in JK2. I'd love to play as the Death Star Droid, C-3PO, or even an R2 or R5 unit w/ a lightsaber. It would be great to be a jumping droid with a sabre. I wonder if there isn't a way to use R2's jets from EP 1+2?

Cpl_Hicks 04-05-2002 04:16 AM

I second Rogue9_dlb, deffinately need some Yhuzun Vong skins. I would also like to see some skins of Anakin,Jacen,Jaina and most of the other Jedi and characters from the new books.
Deffinately would be cool to have Ewok village map and possibly a map of the Sacrifice Chamber that the Vong use to kill Jedi.
Mos Eisley would be cool too, would definately need to do something like higher or lomer levels of Coruscant, I think that would be great.

Would be cool to have a SP or MP level/Map of Darth Vaders flagship the executer or was it the executioner?

Throgo 04-05-2002 04:18 AM

Actually an ewok village would be quite nice, lots of pitfalls, something like an extreme ns level.

Anyway, I would like to see a mod that gives a sense of teamwork to the whole thing. All the multiplayer maps asside duel end up with a light saber mosh pit. Light saber mosh pits get boring.

A system like counterstrike, with near 1 shot kills, and longer spawn times would make kills more meaningfull for teams. Slower running, cover positions, and meaningful objectives would make the game more fun. JK2 can never make a counterstrike clone; the force, and the nature of blasters make it too different.

MadCowRunner 04-05-2002 05:06 AM

Personally, above all else I'd like to see models of all the "classic" (Eps.1 thru 6) characters come out first, then after that some of the EU characters...

as for maps, anything playable works for me, I'm sure some cool things will come out. I'd love to see BadKarma's UT maps converted (especially his original ATAT Barge map- flying in atmosphere with TIEs escorting, and you could even shoot the TIEs down... very cool effect).

Mods; I'm planning on working code for a RtCW/MOHAA hybrid type of gameplay- limited class-based Alliance vs. Imperial objective-based... just need the SDK for those purposes (and I can let someone else do the mapping :thumbsup: )

lumpyKmo 04-05-2002 05:11 AM

i want an ewok skin complete with sounds!!!!

Lord Corinthian 04-05-2002 05:12 AM

I know...
:thrawn2: What about Admiral Thrawn? Blue skin, Red eyes + White Imperial uniform. Looks like the npc Barkeeper (but needs the right clothes).

crazy_padawan 04-05-2002 05:17 AM

Hey peeps... any of the original JKers ever remember the Boba Fett Trilogy? I'd love to see an updated remake of that!
and also how about the Sarlacc pitt scene? Chewie, Han, Luke, Leia, Jabba, and Lando are all in that! u would only need to make a leia, han, fett, chewie and Jabba skin too! the skiffs might be a little hard to create seeing as how they need to be big enough to fit a gun turret and a huge canopy, but i think it could still RAAWK!!!!

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