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borgis 04-16-2002 09:23 PM

kessel tip

hi! Can anyone give me a good tip on how to complete the Kessel Run? I keep twisting my mind but with no luck. Pleease?

Wraith 8 04-17-2002 06:53 AM

the kessel run?????
you are talking about the first Rogue Squadron game arent you?

and if you are.... the orisons of kessel or when you have to free wedge???

Redwing 04-21-2002 09:36 AM

I think he's got the wrong game or something...wait there is no game with the Kessel Run in it :D

Wraith 8 04-22-2002 05:38 AM

is it not in Rogue Squadron II???

Redwing 04-26-2002 06:05 AM

You know what...I have no idea. :confused:

Wraith 8 04-26-2002 06:49 AM

well he never checked back here... so forget about it...

Redwing 04-27-2002 05:08 AM

Well you never know...he might just be waiting :D

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