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badditude 04-27-2002 12:33 AM

Where's the Origin texture?
I'm attempting to create a func_train, and as we all know, I need to have an origin brush to start 'er off. Where is the origin texture I need for this brush? I can't find it anywhere, in Q3 it was /textures/common , yet not there in JK2.

Any ideas?

Tantalus 04-27-2002 02:50 AM

Look in system.

badditude 04-27-2002 06:18 PM

A list of the textures in my System folder:


No origin to be found =(
Tantalus: Can you tell me what your /textures/system holds?

Note: I have unzipped both of the game .pk3's into the /gamedata/base directory, thinking both the game and Ed would load faster.

badditude 04-27-2002 06:23 PM

Upon further investigation, I opened up the system shader document and found a bunch of shaders that are not loading into JK2Radiant, one of them being of course, my origin texture.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Seryl Cann 04-27-2002 06:54 PM

It's kind of a work-around, but it works: Use a different texture first for the brush and then use Textures-Find/Replace to replace it with the system/origin texture.

Tantalus 04-27-2002 07:42 PM

Also, make sure the Show Shaders checkbox at the top of the texture window is checked as well.

Vorax 04-27-2002 07:45 PM

The easy way is to assign the texture directly.

- Create the brush you want to be an origin
- Select it
- Press 'S'
- In the texture field, type: system/origin
- press ok


- Vorax

badditude 04-28-2002 02:46 AM

I've found the solution to my problem, thanks for all of your input.

It turns out, upon unzipping the game's .pk3's to my /gamedata/base/ directory, it placed a /textures/system/ folder in there that contained only the security code textures. When JK2Radiant was executed, it was looking for /textures/system/, found those, and decided not to load the default textures it understands to be in /system/

What I did to get around this: I simply renamed the /textures/system/ folder I had to /textures/system2/ so as not to override the default system textures for JK2Radiant. When I entered the program again, the textures pull down had put in its own system textures, and one of them was thankfully origin.

Thanks all, hope anyone with the same problem finds this post. =)

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