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Jean-Luc_Picard 06-07-2001 11:39 AM

Trek VS. Wars
which do you think interests you more, star wars or star trek? Roddenbary or Lucas? Kirk
or skywalker? Spock or solo?

(answer all) star trek has a series of tv shows and movies, star wars has only the 4(soon to be 6)movies and several books.

my vote is for trek(obviously), but star wars is definitly next in line for good sci-fi movies.

Boba Rhett 06-07-2001 03:14 PM

Yes, Star Trek has more movies and it also is a tv show but do you really think that those movies and tv shows are even near half the quality and greatness that any of the Star Wars movies are? And Star Wars has alot more than just a few books.

Lucas or Roddenbary?

Both are crackpots who hit the jackpots.
However, Lucas at least went on to make other good movies.

Kirk or Luke?

Luke has force powers, a hot sister, and a lightsaber.

Kirk has herpes. You decide.

Spock or Solo?

Spock has pointy ears, no emotions and prefers to touch instead of just blasting enemies.

Solo shoots enemies, has emotions, "big plus",
has the Millenium Falcon, is incredably lucky, great aim, has a hot whife, luke skywalker is his best friend, and he has chewy for extra protection.

In conclusion, How could you possibly think That the Star Trek movies are even CLOSE to being as good as Star Wars? You think Quantity beats out quality? That's so funny it's laughable.

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Uutont Fær Uulion 06-07-2001 05:45 PM

*starts clapping*
fantastic speech
I love star wars and I don't care for star trek, but you can't beat galaxy quest

need I say more

Garindan 06-07-2001 05:58 PM

i like them both. the borg is what actually got me interested in star trek. star wars i liked better because it wasn't all in space, or an enclosed environment.

Jean-Luc_Picard 06-07-2001 09:16 PM

boba rhett, i do agree with you about some points(skywalker than kirk,solo than spock), but you have to remember that Gene Roddenbarry made more sci-fi movies and wrote more science fiction novels than i can count on my hands and feet. And, garindan, you probably already know that picard was once assimilated into the borg collective, so you know they can rip the heads of the rancor. i admit that the old star trek isnt that good, but the next generation takes the cake on sci-fi movies.

Rogue9 06-08-2001 01:57 AM


Originally posted by Jean-Luc_Picard:
<STRONG>which do you think interests you more, star wars or star trek? Roddenbary or Lucas? Kirk
or skywalker? Spock or solo?

(answer all) star trek has a series of tv shows and movies, star wars has only the 4(soon to be 6)movies and several books.

my vote is for trek(obviously), but star wars is definitly next in line for good sci-fi movies.</STRONG>
only several, where have you been, I own over 30 SW books on my own. and have read many I didn't buy. :D I would have to rate them as equal. while I watch SW fairly often I watch Star Trek Daily. :)

Rogue9 06-08-2001 01:58 AM

nd I must Admit I prefer Andromeda over them all, a Sentient Female Computer is just about everything I could ever wish for. :)

JediMasterHorn 06-08-2001 07:01 AM

Um...Roddenberry wrote novels?
Anyways, Trek doesnt compare to Star Wars.
Yes I like Star Trek, but it doesnt even come close to the grandure that is Star Wars! Lets look, shall we?

Trek: soon to be ten movies-four of which don't suck.
Wars: soon to be five movies- one of which sucks, but is still better than half the Trek movies that dont suck, and is just as good, if not better than the other two remaining.

Trek- Has soon to be five T.V shows. However, they repeat the same episode, just with a different crew, several times, and they always win by reconfiguring something. Just once I wanna hear Data say "You know what? We're screwed!" And if you took all the shows and put them together, only half of them wouldn't suck.
Wars: doesn't have a tv show (unless you wanna count that old cartoon) but it is rumored that there may be one after Ep. III is released, which will, in no way, suck.

Trek: Has gobs of novels, but none on the scale of any of the Wars novels. 1 star wars novel = 3 Trek novels story wise. Again, they rehash a lot of the same stuff over again, but just put a different twist on it.
Wars: even the worst of them still can kick butt over a lot of the Trek ones, just because Wars is a better story a lot of the time.

Trek: Every game, with the exception of Elite Force, has sucked...big time.
Wars: Even the worst Wars game has still kicked butt over 99% of the Trek ones.

Trek: When in need of a plot (especially T.V show final episodes), use time travel and screw up the continuity even more to the point it makes everyone sick.
Wars: No time travel, because the plot kicks so much butt it doesnt need to travel back in time for the hundreth time just to have a somewhat interesting story where an older version of a character meets the younger...again.

Wars: Vong
Ok, so far they tie here, but Wars still has the chance to save itself from dragging a good story out to the point of becoming crap. (Last season of DS9)

Trek: Enterprise(all of them), The Defiant
Wars: The Executor, The Falcon...etc.
They all kick butt.

Trek: Shatner
Wars: Ahmed Best, Jake Lloyd
ok, so they tie here too.

Well, I could go on and on, but I think it is clear that Wars beats out Trek. Thank you, and goodnight. :D

Boba Rhett 06-08-2001 05:06 PM


BTW, anyone know when that next trek series is coming out?

Uutont Fær Uulion 06-08-2001 08:37 PM

we can't forget to mention 'Q'
He's the one that adds the 'kicks and giggles' to star trek.

[ June 08, 2001: Message edited by: Uutont Fær Uulion ]

Rogue9 06-08-2001 10:44 PM

Star Trek: Enterprise is Gonna Rule :D

JediMasterHorn 06-09-2001 05:18 PM

Last I heard, it was due out in the fall.

BeastMaster 06-09-2001 06:26 PM

I like them both, depending on what kind of mood I'm in. Comparing them is like comparing Shakespeare and Mozart; it's two completely different worlds.

I'm not really looking forward to Enterprise though. From what I've heard, the show has two options: either sacrifice all production values (the show's to be set Before Kirk), or retcon the entire Original Series. :(

I am totally psyched about the new "Season 8" DS9 novels!

The last season of DS9 was (IMHO) some of the best Trek ever on the air, and the finale set up things for an entirely new adventure. Pocket Books is currently releasing novels set after What You Leave Behind, with an awesome new story arc and a gallery of new characters.

I especially love Odo's "tame" Jem'Hadar. :D

Darth Prime 06-10-2001 03:18 AM

I prefer Star Wars. My brother kept asking if it was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, then how did humans get there. I don't argue with him, I don't have a reason to. But one reason I like Star Wars is that it's set in another galaxy. Another thig that the Mon Calamri Cruisers almost look as if they were organic ships. Don't tell me that they're not, I already know.

obi 06-10-2001 11:23 AM

Im looking foward to ENTERPRISE.

1. because im a quantum leap fan, and scott bakula(Sam Beckett) is going to be the captain.

2. All other ships in satr trek(Voyager) dont add up to the ENTERPRISE.

BeastMaster 06-10-2001 04:09 PM

Except that the Enterprise isn't going to be on the show (don't ask me why the show's gonna be called Enterprise). :rolleyes:

It's to be set years before the first starship, and even before Starfleet itself.

That's what worries me. Either they'll need to make things look more primitive than the Kirk-era series, or they'll have to retcon the original series.

Do we really want any more flat-headed Klingons and neo-Chinese Romulans?

Tie Guy 06-11-2001 01:50 AM

Com'on people. Comparing Star Wars and Star Trek is like comparing apples and oranges.

BTW, i hate oranges.

Rogue9 06-11-2001 02:09 AM


Originally posted by BeastMaster:
<STRONG>Except that the Enterprise isn't going to be on the show (don't ask me why the show's gonna be called Enterprise). :rolleyes:

It's to be set years before the first starship, and even before Starfleet itself.

That's what worries me. Either they'll need to make things look more primitive than the Kirk-era series, or they'll have to retcon the original series.

Do we really want any more flat-headed Klingons and neo-Chinese Romulans?</STRONG>
Actually it is Set on a Star Fleet ship, this info is gleened from a quote of rick berman which I have misplaced.

WD ToRMeNt 06-11-2001 03:47 PM

SWs... made up. ST... made up. You guys might as well be arguing over the outcome of a fist fight between Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

The two are very differant and hard to compare. ST *tries* be be somewhat believable. SW doesn't care and is just fantasy. If you want to compare them though...

ST pretty much has the same plot over and over again. It seems like they travel back in time in half the movies. I'm also sick of them winning by reconiguring something or pressing a lot of buttons. ST is boring. SW is so much deeper and exciting.

ST aliens suck, it's always just some guy with some latex comstume piece on his head. SWs has Jabba, Yodo (whatever he is), Jaws, Ewoks, and all kinds of things that arn't approximately human sizes.

Really though, the differance between the two is in personal taste, not it which one is better.

obi 06-11-2001 04:03 PM

50$ on Santa!!!!!!!! :D

oninosensi 06-11-2001 06:25 PM

My money on the easter bunny!

Rogue9 06-11-2001 07:33 PM

I Pick Zoom Rabbit, a.k.a. the Easter Bunny :D

JediMasterHorn 06-11-2001 07:52 PM

I dont know what to think of Enterprise.
#1. YOu know its going to look updated, but then again, since when did Star Trek care about continuity?
#2. From the sound of it, it sounds like a combo of the original series and Voyager. Heck, the captain sounds like a rip of Kirk, and the first officer is a female version of Spock.
And yes, it will be set on the Enterprise. I guess it will just be a different Enterprise. Maybe this is the ship 1701 gets named after. Either way, I don't know how good it will be.

BeastMaster 06-11-2001 11:06 PM

The thing about Star Trek is that it's meant as an allegory.

The aliens aren't intended to be truly alien; they're intended to be warped reflections of aspects of human nature. Even the humans are meant as examples of the "ultimate" that humanity has to offer.

The Original Series was designed to be one-use only. The problem with TNG/DS9/Voyager is that they're taking the original premise and trying to stretch it into a new shape. Sometimes they succeed (DS9's last season), and sometimes they fail (Voyager).

Thing is, Star Trek has great ideas, great story premises. It's the execution of these ideas that sucks.

Take my fave theme:


Imagine your worst enemy.
(Russians/Vietnamese, Klingons, Cardassians, Borg, Jem'Hadar)
Meet your new best friend.
(Chekov/Sulu, Worf, Garak, Seven of Nine, *SPOILER*)
I love that lesson, and it's a recurring theme in my own writing. The trouble in Trek comes from the way its done, not the idea itself.

My big complaint is that Gene Roddenberry's egalitarian utopia is based (intentionally or not) on the USian system of a melting pot. The UFP teaches that we can all learn to get along if we play be the same rules.

Thus we have a Vulcan (Spock) who learns to trust his emotions. A Klingon (Worf) acting like a human. A Borg (Seven) who learns to embrace her humanity.

What I'd like to see is an alien that acts like an alien. This is what I liked about DS9: The Bajorans were Bajorans, the Cardassians were Cardassians, the Klingons acted like Klingons, and the two Ferengi deviants (Rom and Nog) were shown to be deviants.

Star Trek writers are the ones who blindly accept the saying that "it's impossible for humans to write real aliens; they're all just twisted versions of humans."

This is the idea that I've been challenging since I first started writing.

Uutont Fær Uulion 06-12-2001 04:26 PM


Originally posted by Tie Guy:
<STRONG>BTW, i hate oranges.</STRONG>
I prefer oranges over apples.
oranges have a certain quality about them
you can toss one up into the air and when you try to catch it and miss, it hits the ground and doesn't break. apples are only good for one thing(throwing at the neighbors). You can play baseball with an orange and it will survive through at least one inning. the apple gets destroyed immediately. besides you can get pulpwash out of oranges(the truth about concentrate orange juice and baby food) :p

P.S. My lunch moneys on The Easter Bunny

[ June 12, 2001: Message edited by: Uutont Fær Uulion ]

MadPoster 06-13-2001 06:02 PM

I agree: NO MORE APPLES!!! Load them in to the proton torpedo tubes!

And put my money on Guy Fawkes! :D

BeastMaster 06-13-2001 10:37 PM

Ah, yes.

Guy Fawkes. An Englishman who is only famous for being a failure.

He's an inspiration to us all. ;)

<small>My money's on the rabbit in the A-wing.</small>

d_eisenga 07-01-2001 09:32 PM

I'm not saying SW is BETTER, but it sure is more specacular. In the way of shiny droids and extravagant aliens. In TREK everyone looks like a normal human, with the exception of pointy ears or a dumb robotic stare.

There. :cool:

MadPoster 07-01-2001 09:59 PM

Fawkes might be a failure, but atleast he has his own holiday!

Kurgan 07-04-2001 09:57 PM

As far as Star Trek goes, I really didn't like much of it except the original series.

The movies based on the original series were somewhat tolerable (the first one was pretty bad, as most agree).

I watched some of "The Next Generation" but found it to be not that interesting and lacking the "spirit" of the first one, IMHO, although it got a lot better after the first season (and they branched out into new territory). The movies based on the Next Generation were more like generic sci fi to me than "real Trek."

Of course I got nothing out of the other series (Voyager, Deep Space Nine), and I will probably avoid any movies based off of those.

I guess even though SW has four movies and that's it (if you don't count the Holiday Special and Ewok Adventures of course, lol), it still packs more action/adventure for me than the ST stuff (although I enjoy ST, I admit that).

Now if you want a series that I think beats ST, check out [b]Dr. Who[/i]. Now THERE is a long running series (with several movies, although they haven't made a good one in a long time, and yes, I missed the '95 one, so I'm not counting it), not to mention they are FINALLY bringing some of them to DVD (yes!). True, the production values were pretty laughable (even compared to the original ST), but considering the longevity and depth of the characters, and the cool storylines, I think it makes for some great entertainment (plus there's a huge book series to go with it).


[ July 04, 2001: Message edited by: Kurgan ]

BeastMaster 07-05-2001 12:00 PM

Another cool old SF series was Battlestar Galactica, as long as you ignore the second season (Galactica 1980), in which the writers turned the story into "aliens among us" (on Earth of all places).

The first season (with the byplay between Apollo & Starbuck, constant Cylon raids, and desperate rear-guard actions) was much cooler, almost as good as Star Wars at times.

I also liked the 80s TV series of Beauty & the Beast, again only until the last season (when they killed off *SPOILER* :( ).

oninosensi 07-05-2001 12:07 PM

Two of my favorites have been Babylon 5 and Space: Above and Beyond. Good over all story lines (ingnoring some some discontinuities; figher pilots being used as ground tropps????) Not to mention cool CG and sfx!

Darth_Lando 07-05-2001 05:30 PM

I like how in Star Trek whenever they make a reference to the 20th or 21st century they always talk bad about it. But they almost worship earlier centuries (Shakespear, ect..)

BeastMaster 07-05-2001 11:40 PM


Originally posted by oninosensi:
<STRONG>figher pilots being used as ground tropps????</STRONG>
Actually, I think that was because the "Wildcards" weren't actually navy pilots, they were marines, expected to be able to function in numerous environments.

If needed, any of the gang could probably have manned a command console on the Saratoga's bridge.

It isn't really (AFAIK) something that's done in reality, but it does make sense; why carry 1000 pilots, 1000 infantrymen, 1000 crewmen, etc, when you can just carry 1000 "jack-of-all-trades" soldiers who can be deployed as needed.

That's why they're called "Wild Cards." :cool:

Darth Prime 07-06-2001 12:46 AM

I didn't know how else to tell some of you guys this, but the Enterprise stinks. I mean, why in the world would they give six ships the same name. Ok, I will admit the the Enterprise-E is the best out of all of them, but still I just don't like the Enterprise--any of them. And how did Star Trek ever become a topic on a Star Wars discussion board?

JediMasterHorn 07-06-2001 03:19 AM

I'll refer you to the topic title "Star Trek Vs. STAR WARS". Notice the Star Wars in the title. ;)

darth terrat 07-06-2001 08:35 AM

Star Trek has far too many generations.

obi 07-06-2001 12:32 PM


Originally posted by Darth_Lando:
<STRONG>I like how in Star Trek whenever they make a reference to the 20th or 21st century they always talk bad about it. But they almost worship earlier centuries (Shakespear, ect..)</STRONG>
DR.Bones Mcoy, Star Trek IV: "Dialisis? What is this, the black plague?"


Rogue9 07-06-2001 11:15 PM

I must Comment Space: Above and Beyond Ruled as was by far the Best SciFi Show that was reality based. I felt like hunting down the network bigwigs after they cancel it. the Hammerheads were tight.

Darth Prime 07-07-2001 01:12 AM

OkAY, That's it!!!!!!! I want to know why are you guys have a topic about Star Trek and why in the world is it on a Star Wars board?!?!?!!? I have NEVER had anything against Star Trek until now. The only good movie they've had was First Contact....ooooorrrr I think, I don't know if they're making a tenth movie or not. And during DS9, during the war against the Dominion, Cardassians, and Breen, the only good part was when the Federation fleet was trying to get past that Dominoin fleet and the Klingons arrived to help, then on Voyager, it was when they meet the Borg and Species 8472. For a time I also had a crush on Deanna Troi, but I think she got worse. Other than that I don't like Star Trek

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