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Smithers 05-13-2002 12:49 PM

Darned !!@*&#^@ Glithches
I am getting rather annoyed with Indy at the moment.
I am experiencing so many bugs, glitches and other malfunctions - funny how they seem to come at the most crucial stages.
Last night I managed to get the Mirror (Temple Level), but it wouldn't go into my inventory. I couldn't access anything ("I" or "Esc" key). My Quicksave hangs the machine and the last time I saved a game I was still battling to get the Jaguar Idol.
Anyway I will load the patch today and hope for the best.
The other major problem I have is that everytime I use the Rifle or Machine gun it hangs/freezes the game.
I am getting used to real close combat, but my health sucks!!!
Do any of you have similar stories?:syoda:

nd 05-13-2002 03:14 PM

It might be related to your computer specs. I had a lot of trouble initially with my older system - in spring 2000 as far as I remember. After upgrading my system the problems were gone.

I don't know if such is an option for you. I had good reasons to upgrade my system - and these were not games-related at all. It just turned out to be a welcome side-effect that suddenly those game problems were solved as well.

I remember that I wasn't able to play Infernal Machine for more than half an hour. Then the game started to do weird things. I had weverything ranging from gameplay and inventory problems to horrible crashes.

Later I read in some computer magazine about several incompatibilities of certain old AGP graphic cards - I had an old ATI these days, don't remember the exact type. The CPU was an AMD K6-2 (400 MHz or so) and the mainboard had an Aladdin V5 chipset. It was in fact that combination which caused the problems.

The "new" system is meanwhile pretty legacy. An ASUS Mainboard with an old Intel 440BX chipset and an Intel PIII 600E. The graphics card is a slow Matrox G400 with 32MB. It doesn't perform very well - but Infernal Machine runs without any glitches, with or without the patch. There are a few funny bugs, eg. when you use the chalk it sometimes happens that Indy starts swimming in the air. Harmless, anyway.

So if you like you could try to gather detailled info about your system (Windows version, CPU, mainboard, chipset, graphics card, RAM etc.). Maybe it's just a cheap component which can be replaced easily to solve your problems. Feel free to come back here, I'll try to advise you if you want and if time allows me to...

Smithers 05-14-2002 12:22 PM

I tried to load the patch and it said "this version of Infernal Machine is up to date already", so no joy.
I am able to use my shotgun [now in Olmec Valley], but still not the rifle.
I was hoping it wasn't going to be a problem with my PC.
I recently bought a new pc for home - mainly for my wife to play The Sims and E.R., but I seem to spend the most time on Indy and his Infernal Machine. It is an Intel Celeron 900Mhz, 128MB RAM, running Windows XP.
I'll have to check the specs for the graphics card and the chipset.
The other solution I have is to save the game often {like after each bridge in Olmec Valley} at least then if it does hang I don't have to go back too far. I'm only on level 10 and I have over 100 saved games.
Thanks again for the advice nd, tonight I'm battling the HUGE snake in the pyramid - should be fun.

Monique 05-23-2002 05:35 PM

:confused: Well hi, you're not the only one with problems. I didn't played Indy for a long time but meanwhile I helped out lots of others at the Forum but since I have Windows XP, I can startup Indy, I can play a saved game but as soon I want to get my submenu my game "hangs". I've upgraded my computer from a Pentium3 500 Mhz to a Pentium 4 2.2 Ghz and a brand new GeForce4 titanium so..... I haven't tried it out again but I will be soon. So far, I hope you've been further now in the game. Good Luck, because it's such a nice game. Bye

nd 05-24-2002 06:13 AM

Hi Monique, nice to see you here again! With XP you have the choice between different compatibility settings for each program. Did you try to set it to Win 2000 compatibility for Infernal Machine?

Hoowl 05-24-2002 08:25 AM

I've had a few problems with XP. It's not too bad but a bit tempormental. Sometimes it just exits for no apparent reason. I haven't tried running it under the win98 or 95 modes though. The patch does help, shame the savegames are incompatable, but before i used to get this thing where the camera was stuck in a fixed position and wouldn't move!

Smithers 05-24-2002 09:19 AM

Thanks for all the the advice. I have battled on with all the little problems. I still cannot use the machine-gun, but I can now use all other weapons. Indy still flies up in the air when I use the chalk (which is kind of fun). I have progressed to Nub's Tomb [level 13, I think] and I'm still enjoying it. "Onward and Upward" as they say...

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