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Supahfly 05-17-2002 12:49 AM

Multi dead
I anyone can help me out please do. All of a sudden today multiplayer stopped working for me. I dont know if this happened to anyone else but i'm very pissed. Now, whenever i try to get a server list nothing shows up. I dont think it has to do with my security or firewall settings cause it worked fine earlier today and i did not change anything. Please help me find the problem.

digl 05-17-2002 12:53 AM

I think I read somewhere that Raven's master server would be down for some time.

hiausd 05-17-2002 12:57 AM

How long is "some time" :(

Guardian Omega 05-17-2002 12:57 AM

And I thought it was just me!

digl 05-17-2002 01:07 AM



We will be upgrading some internal hardware at Raven during the morning of Saturday,
May 11th. The master servers for Elite Force, Jedi Knight 2, and the SoF2 MP Test
will be unavailable from around 9:00am Central Time to early early afternoon, given
that everything goes smoothly.

Guardian Omega 05-17-2002 01:20 AM


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