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avenger_au 05-17-2002 01:34 AM

We need a AOTC mod
We need a mod where you take command of a bunch of storm troopers and lead em into battle, just like in the movie. How amazingly cool would it be to have these jedi champions + 10 clone troopers coordinating together to attack a droid batallion.

Make the troopers bots (that's essentially how smart they are) and make the Jedi able to control the troopers using various binds or something.

Seeing Mace windu take charge of those clone troopers was very cool.

And this would work in a game mode too, coz everyone can play a jedi if they want to.. 5/6 jedi+trooper groups versus a crapload of droids. Restrict the weapons to regular blasters too - so the jedi are just as fearsome as in the movie. :)

I'm sure this idea has been put forward already, but damn. That last battle kicked serious ass :D

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