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Saesee Tom 07-26-2000 04:01 PM

The official addition to Jedi Knight…

While truing to overthrow the evil Galactic Empire, the New Republic has set up several bases on the outer rim territories. But with the Empire slowly disintegrating, business seems to be harder and deals seem to be more unrewarding. With Kyle blindly lured in to a Sith temple, The Hutts have asked Mara Jade’s assistance to deal with Jedi artefacts and dangerous smugglers...

New weapons, new enemies and of course… NEW FORCE POWERS!
That’s right, Mysteries of the Sith has everything you could possibly want from the Star Wars universe. You split your character throughout the game which means you play as Kyle Katarn for 4 levels, and the rest of the game with smuggler– turned Jedi, Mara Jade.

The game has been generously updated from Jedi Knight, with weapons and
SFX that mirror the trilogy. You see planets both old and new, enemies and AI that actually make sense. If that wasn’t enough, you can perform Force-Grips, Deadly Sights, Force-Farsights and Force-Pushes and Pulls on unlucky little Stormtroopers.
Let's of couse not forget the lushous multiplayer mode, talk about options! Pick a sequence from the movies or novels, and you could easily match that experience with a friend. Have you read about the Ysalamari? Small worm like creatures grow on branches and repel the Force in a metre-bubble around them. Playing 'Kill the fool with the Ysalamari' is not only cool and vengeful, but it is hilariously funny from another point of view. There are plenty more but if you want to experience the full Jedi Knight life, take a look at JEDI-KNIGHT: MYSTERIES OF THE SITH.


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Kurgan 07-26-2000 04:17 PM

He said Force Commander was better than MOTS??!

I wouldn't trust that guy's opinion.. lol

MOTS is all about Multiplayer. The SP is a bit below that of JK. Sure it's fun and worth seeing, but alot of the levels rely on gimmicks and novelty to be fun, and they just don't have the size and character that most JK levels did. Low Res only sounds suck. The cutscenes aren't as cool, yes.

However, the MP system is far superior to JK's and has alot more variety in it. Plus the graphics are much nicer with colored lighting.


Enemy Of The Empire 07-26-2000 05:59 PM

That review SUCKED! You haven't told us anything about the gameplay or sound, just the basic storyline and the type of force-powers you have.

Of course it's the official addition to JK; that doesn't need explaining. It even says it in the title: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II - Mysteries Of The Sith. If it wasn't an official addition, Matt wouldn't have a site about it.

And sorry to sound like a Joe Joe, but you've made numerous spelling mistakes. Forfilling? Try Fulfilling. Truing? Trying. Run a spellchecker for a few seconds; it makes so much difference.

Matt, stick to Dave Maul and Darth Simpson for reviews. And I know DS hasen't done a review yet, but it can't be much worse than THAT!

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Matt Kenobi 07-26-2000 08:32 PM

i thought it was pretty good, you write a review and if its better i'll put it on, that's much better than i could ever do! spelling doesn't matter, i can take care of that NP.


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Enemy Of The Empire 07-27-2000 09:35 AM

Okay, I will.


After playing through the much loved Jedi Knight, I could hardly wait to try out the add-on Mysteries of the Sith. Before I got my hands on it, I had heard a few discouraging reviews, and I was almost afraid to get it, for fear that this add-on would soil my opinions of Jedi Knight.
This time, the story revolves around the Timothy Zahn created character of Mara Jade. She is close to becoming a Jedi Knight, walking the thin line of the light side of the Force after being Palpatine’s right hand for so long.
Nothing new in the graphics department. Using the same engine and even most of the same textures from Dark Forces II, Mysteries of the Sith offers nothing new. In fact, its missing one thing: movie cinema scenes. Instead we get real time cut-scenes.
Again, nothing new is found as far as audio is concerned. Same music and sound effect. Hey, if it isn't broke, don't fix it.
Surprise, surprise. The controls are identical to Jedi Knight.
Believe it or not, the new levels are very fresh and original, having very little in common with the previous game. A very wise choice on the part of Lucas Arts. And they are still as vast as ever. This time, LucasArts has spent more time on the Multiplayer levels, which are amazing. You can play as Luke or Vader, or any of the JK characters. You can run around Cloud City, or the Second Death Star. The choice is yours.
The whole balance between the light side and the dark side was removed from this game. Instead you have ready access to powers from both. Plus, Lucas Arts threw in four new powers to keep us happy, including the lightsaber throw.
You should definitely check this game out if you like Dark Forces II. It offers a lot for the little money you spend in getting it.

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Dave Maul 07-27-2000 09:59 AM

I'm just trying something: Hopefully, clicking on the link will take you to Matt's site.

Dave Maul

Dave Maul 07-27-2000 10:02 AM

Yes! It works!

Matt, what do you want me to do next: a header, or a review?

Dave Maul

Saesee Tom 07-27-2000 03:31 PM

Well, you dont have to put on 'Mc Cloud's' review, in fact, i would prefer you deleted it. I have updated it, and you can put Enemy's review on know...only if you want to.


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Matt Kenobi 07-28-2000 02:10 AM


i still need a racer header, a rogue header, a JK header, and mots. header, no rush though, i haven't worked on the site much lately, been real busy.

p.s. can you mail me them again just like always, oh, there i go agin, bossin yA around

Tom, i'm confused, , can you just like, i dunno, write the review over, not saying it was bad but you said somethin about an update or something?? or of course whatever you want to do

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Dave Maul 07-28-2000 07:16 AM

Is it okay if I send them seperately? I can't convert them to .jpg, and the .bmp's take up 300kb EACH! It's so that you don't have to waste the last few weeks of your school holiday waiting for the stupid headers to download

Dave Maul

Matt Kenobi 07-28-2000 01:45 PM

yeah that's fine, i convert them to .jpg through Corel Photo House, pretty easy actually. But 300 kb on my computer takes about 45 sec. on my computer, even though i do have a very slow connection of 24000 bps


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Saesee Tom 07-28-2000 05:44 PM

I have re-writed the review...hopefully no-one will make fun of me this time.

Mysteries of the Sith...The official addition to Jedi Knight…

While fighting the threatening superweapons of the evil galactic Empire, Kyle Katarn investigates the eerie world of Dromund Kaas, hoping to find something the Empire didn’t want anyone to hear about. Leading the fight for the New Republic, Jedi apprentice Mara Jade is left with the gruelling job of dealing with the Hutts, the most notorious crime lords in the galaxy...

New weapons, new enemies, updated Force powers and a bigger, better multiplayer feature, Mysteries of the Sith will continue to amaze you as the prequel, Jedi Knight did. The detailed gameplay has everything you could possibly want from the Star Wars universe. You play different roles as the game progresses, which gives the game a surprising turn. The Artificial Intelligence has been upgraded and is a lot more understandable; a nice little detail is that if you steal an enemy's weapon, they start punching you. My favourite addition to the game is the ever-increasing Force powers! Perform Force-Grips, Deadly Sights, Force-Farsights, Force-Pushes and many more on unlucky little Stormtroopers. The levels are highly detailed as always, constantly reminding you that you are in the Star Wars galaxy. The settings are incredibly flexible and will accept anything you program or download, even upgrades like the lightstaff used to give Darth Maul his double-sided Lightsaber. (See’s skins)

Well, there’s always a downside to every game, and this one’s a little more obvious. Don’t expect good cutscenes, Lucasarts could not afford to make more live action movies. This time the scenes were recorded in-game, with no lip synchronisation and, might I add, a low quality graphics card.

All right, you’re correct, MOTS is all about multiplayer. You can, correction, will play in actual locations from the trilogy, with all the classic characters and troopers. The weapons and Force-powers make it even more exiting to hack or blow your friend’s head off, and there are different scenarios designed around the levels. Ever read about the Ysalamari? These 2-inch creatures repel the Force in a 2-metre bubble around any character that picks it up, which is put into active play with the new scenario, ‘Kill the fool with the Ysalamari!’

With lengthy gameplay, a mammoth multiplayer section and the marvel of the Star Wars saga, all-in-all MOTS is worth picking up at your local software store. The price is being lowered all the time.


Saesee Tom 07-28-2000 05:47 PM

I can also offer some MOTS pics and mabye a Force Commander review...?
It's up to you, I'd just love to help.


Matt Kenobi 07-28-2000 06:01 PM

that review was really good, i'll have it on soon, as for the pics, i like to do all the screenshots put on the site, and for force commander, i'll get back to you on that because it's hard enough working on the five i already have.


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Dave Maul 07-28-2000 08:07 PM

If the MOTS review is going up soon, I'll start making a header.

Dave Maul

Matt Kenobi 07-29-2000 02:14 AM

heh, no hurry, the rogue review isn't up yet, my computer is so jumk, i load the sitebuilder and most of the time it says that this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down, that's micro-oops, micro**** for ya eh, Master Qui-Gon?


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Saesee Tom 07-29-2000 04:02 PM

I made a MOTS thing, but I don't know how to get it on the Forum,
I'll send you an e-mail of it.


Dave Maul 07-31-2000 02:25 PM

I suggest Tom does the review of JK as well, as: a) He's done the follow-up, so it's logical he should do the first as well, and b) I don't have the game.

Dave Maul

Dave Maul 07-31-2000 02:27 PM

Hey Matt! I made the 100th hit! Woohoo!

Dave Maul

Saesee Tom 08-01-2000 10:56 AM

I would be happy to. Dave, if you are having trouble converting, mabye I could have a look.
>PS. Took a look at the site, it's looking great!e


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