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Jedi Master Mace Windu 08-01-2000 10:02 PM

Rogue Squadron/Racer Trade
<font face="BernardMod BT"><font color="#117DF4">My acquaintance said that he would trade me his Rogue Squadron or Racer for my TPM? Is it worth it?

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Master Qui-Gon 08-01-2000 10:12 PM

<TR><td bgcolor=#00000 valign="TOP"><td bgcolor=#00000><font face="BernardMod BT"><font color="green1"><font size="3">Not for a permanent trade.

– <font size="2">Be Mindful of the Living Fruit.

Zanzibar 08-01-2000 10:52 PM

I'm a bit biased, of course

I thought Rogue Squadron was kinda fun, but didn't have a lot of the depth that TPM has.

Racer, similarly, was fun to play but once you've finished one race, you've finished em all. Try downloading the demos for both Racer and RS, and basically you've seen the entire thing.

I've been playing X-Wing Alliance lately, and that has quite a bit of depth of gameplay. Although, I must admit, I already broke joystick on it because I got so angry at a mission...I'm supposed to keep a fleet of freighters safe with 2 wingmen against a never-ending armada of starfighters that are going after both me and the freighters...I finally am able to keep the bad guys busy so that my freighters escape into hyperspace. I follow them, my shields are out, my ship is badly damaged, my wingmen are gone (this is after a 20-minute-long mission that has no savegame), I arrive to find that a NEW armada of fully-armed and shielded fighters are waiting for me. Whoo boy, I was unfit to live with. I've seen it posted before, that some missions are 'stunningly difficult', and I agree with that description wholeheartedly.

Dave Maul 08-02-2000 08:55 AM

In my opinion, Rogue Squadron has more replay value. Once you complete missions, you can go back and try to get better times, more kills, etc. These lead to higher ranks and more medals. Getting all bronze medals unlocks Beggars Canyon, silver unlocks The Death Star Trench, and gold unlocks The Battle Of Hoth. That's 19 missions in total, plus a few secret ships to unlock.

Racer has 25 levels in total, and completing a race in a certain time unlocks a new pod. However, once you have completed a race, you can't go back to win more credits, unlock pods, etc.

If you want a game that you want to play again and again, get Rogue Squadron. If you like high-speed racing in the Star Wars universe, get Racer. But, these are my own opinions. It's completely up to you.

Dave Maul

Master Qui-Gon 08-02-2000 01:56 PM

<TR><td bgcolor=#00000 valign="TOP"> <td bgcolor=#00000><font face="BernardMod BT"><font color="green1"><font size="2">Okay‚ here’s my take.

Rogue Squadron was/is (and will continue to be) terrible. Decent graphics and fun game play are completely ruined by endlessly irritating levels that can’t be saved unless you complete them. This game clearly had potential‚ but all it did was raise my blood pressure. This was made all the worse by my stubborn insistence on continuing to play the game until I got gold medals for virtually each level. I’m not saying you shouldn’t get the game‚ but TPM is much better. I have no opinion on Racer. I find racing games endlessly dull and I wasn’t particularly impressed with the movie’s podrace. Kids really seem to like it though‚ so I defer judgement.

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Jedi Master Mace Windu 08-02-2000 05:32 PM

<font face="BernardMod BT"><font color="#117DF4"> So basically you are all telling me that it isn't worth it?

Jedi mind tricks don't work on me....

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Jedi Master Mace Windu 08-02-2000 05:41 PM

<font face="BernardMod BT"><font color="#117DF4"> I am also thinking about getting a new joystick. Which is the best one on the market that isn't too overpriced?

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Zanzibar 08-02-2000 06:17 PM

Well, in all honesty, if you still find yourself playing TPM because you're having a good time doing it, we're just saying that RS and Racer are different types of games, so trading TPM outright may be bad news if you find you don't like RS or Racer.

Rogue Squadron Demo:

Racer Demo:

Try em out. Just like TPM's demo, they give a really good indication of what the whole game is about.

Wow, in finding these demos, I saw that TPM's demo has downloaded over 800,000...jeez, now if I could only get another 150,000 people or so to buy TPM, I may actually see some royalties from it

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Matt Kenobi 08-03-2000 12:31 PM

to everybody that wasted their time on the PC version trying to get medals-

if you type OOMPAWAMPA at the passcode screen, it unlocks all bonus missions,(no this isn't a fake code, got it straight from


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Dave Maul 08-03-2000 12:53 PM

The dark path is the easy way out of a problem. Unless it's a really really funny cheat.

Dave Maul

Saesee Tom 08-07-2000 08:08 AM

It's your choice, but I would stick with TPM. If you want to feel the Rogue Suqadron feeling, take a look at Lucasart's 'Battle for Naboo' or 'Episode I Starfighter'
Rogue is fun, but it's limited.


Jedi Master Mace Windu 08-07-2000 11:56 AM

<font face="BernardMod BT"><font color="#117DF4">I am still undecided. I was even offering a 2-for-1 deal.(RS/Racer for TPM)

Jedi mind tricks don't work on me....

Dave Maul 08-07-2000 01:34 PM

Why not ask for a trial period? Lend your TPM to your friend, and borrow both games to see if you like them. If he still wants a trade, then at least you'll have a better idea of what the games are like.

Dave Maul

Jedi Master Mace Windu 08-07-2000 02:24 PM

<font face="BernardMod BT"><font color="#117DF4">

Originally posted by Dave Maul:
Why not ask for a trial period?
Good suggestion. Maybe I will try that.

Jedi mind tricks don't work on me....

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