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Zathu Koon 08-10-2000 02:10 PM

Help on Droidworks?
i am playing the droidworks and sence there is no post for it and this fourm is like my home fourm, i wanna know if anyone else has it cause i wanna know how to get the laser gun cheat to work i wanna slag some jawas without them all shoting me and some hog shovin a vibro ax down my shoulder

The Imperial Symphony goes triple platinum!

Saesee Tom 08-10-2000 03:58 PM

Droidworks, Ha!
No cheat. Yoda no cheat. You cheat and now Yoda Dark Yoda.


Zathu Koon 08-10-2000 08:02 PM

whats so funny i wanna slag jawas!

The Imperial Symphony goes triple platinum!

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