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Saesee Tom 08-16-2000 04:44 PM
Does anyone have this address?
does anyone know anyone with this address?
Help me.


Kurgan 08-16-2000 08:16 PM

Why? What's up?

We have a thing on these boards about not "invading" a person's privacy.

Just let me know why you want this information and I'll see what I can do.


Dave Maul 08-17-2000 09:51 AM

Tom met this guy in California or somewhere. He can explain it better than I but I guess he just wants to say hello again.

Dave Maul

Kurgan 08-17-2000 06:20 PM

Why don't you email him and find out?


Master Qui-Gon 08-17-2000 07:57 PM

<TR><td bgcolor=#00000 valign="TOP"> <Br><td bgcolor=#00000><div STYLE="{font-family : BernhardMod BT; text-align : justify;}"> <font face="BernardMod BT"><font color="green1"><font size="2">Hey now Kurgan. You can’t keep giving away those obvious answers.

Be Mindful of the Living Fruitcake.

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Saesee Tom 08-18-2000 11:16 AM

Hey! Don't you think I tried that? He's not responding. FYI...He stayed in the Marriott Residence Inn in Anahiem.


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