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Slappy Skywalker 08-16-2000 05:56 PM

My Web Page
I know Matt Kenobi and I would like some help on my web page.

Matt Kenobi 08-17-2000 12:40 AM

slappy- U hav to atleast tell them the site's address, and some more details


Visit My Cool Site Matt Kenobi's Everything Star Wars

Dave Maul 08-17-2000 09:53 AM

What's the site about anyway? Games, like Matt's?

So are you two guys working together on the site? That's the impression I got from what he said.

Dave Maul

Slappy Skywalker 08-17-2000 05:03 PM

Itz like mostly a chat center.Im tryin to think of stuff to put on it.

The address is Home.html

Slappy Skywalker 08-17-2000 05:12 PM

Ok when i put in the address it messed up.Try this:

Dave Maul 08-17-2000 07:51 PM

Slappy: I'll make any graphics you need.

Matt: Looks like all five games are pretty much completed, so what's next? Jedi Power Battles, Starfighter, Demolition?

Dave Maul

Slappy Skywalker 08-18-2000 03:51 PM

I went to this 1 sight when i was lookin at other sights i saw some with the sight name shaped like the phantom menace logo.Can u do that?


Dave Maul 08-18-2000 04:48 PM

Logos like this?

Yeah, I can do that. Is it just called Slappy Skywalker's Site or is there a more formal name?

Dave Maul

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Slappy Skywalker 08-19-2000 03:42 PM

No i want shaped like the phantom menace thing.Itz called Slappy Skywalker's Chat Center

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Dave Maul 08-19-2000 04:49 PM

Um, that's the only Phantom Menace logo format I'm aware of; do you mean the game logo?

Or are you talking about the poster?

Dave Maul

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Slappy Skywalker 08-21-2000 06:31 PM

I went to matts sight today and he had the name of the sight shaped like it.

Dave Maul 08-22-2000 11:11 AM

Yep, I did that picture, so I know what you mean now. How big?

Dave Maul

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