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Phantom Fan 08-24-2000 03:06 PM

3D Studio Max
Well I Have Read Some Post and Some Of You Want To Make A Mace Windu Patch For The Game Or Even Another Level Well What R U Gonna Use Other Than 3D Studio Max? Well I Don't Think So. Some Of You Don't Even Have The Money To Pay For It. But I Know A Place Were You Can Get 3D Studio Max For Free Without Going To The Store Or Anything. All I Ask Is For Some To Zip Up The Music Folder Of Star Wars Episode One And Send It To Me (Refer To My Other Post Titled Music) Thank You And Have A Good Day. E-mail:

Dave Maul 08-24-2000 04:35 PM

Actually, we don't want to make patches; Zanzibar (3D Animator for TPM) has made a Mace Windu mod, but LA aren't letting him release it. We all want LA to release levels and patches, but it's not gonna happen.

Dave Maul

Phantom Fan 08-24-2000 10:24 PM

Well Anyway Could Someone Just Zip Up The Music Folder For Me PLEEZ!

Dave Maul 08-25-2000 11:19 AM

Really, I would, but I only have the PSX version. Someone, please, just send him the folder?

Dave Maul

Kurgan 08-25-2000 12:18 PM

Umm, wouldn't that be illegal? Just go find it yourself, and don't bother us here.


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