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Slappy Skywalker 08-24-2000 05:47 PM

My web page
I want it as big as matts was.

Saesee Tom 08-25-2000 06:52 AM

Where is everybody? Hello?
Ok Slappy, but Matt's site didn't pop up over night. Work hard and get a lot of people to support you.

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Dave Maul 08-25-2000 11:17 AM

Okay, Slappy, I've got three different logos for you to choose from.

Number 1: Very much like Matts; Slappy Skywalker's is in the centre, and in a goldy-colour.

Number 2: Slappy Skywalker's is in goldy-colour, and Chat Centre is below it in very simple letters, reminicent of the Special Edition logo.

Number 3: I remember seeing something like this in a game, I think it was the Dark Forces logo. A bit like the ESB logo, with Slappy Skywalker's on the outside in yellow, and Chat Centre on the inside.

Let me know which one you want.

Dave Maul

Slappy Skywalker 08-25-2000 02:34 PM

Ill take the first 1.Thankz.

Slappy Skywalker 08-25-2000 02:36 PM

Well I know that.I just really need ideas for it.

Dave Maul 08-25-2000 04:16 PM

Slappy, I'd suggest putting a link to your page in your sig. Just because I'm trying to find the original post.

Dave Maul

Slappy Skywalker 08-28-2000 06:00 PM

How do i change my sig

Dave Maul 08-29-2000 09:17 AM

1. Go to Profile.
2. Scroll down to the Sig box.
3. Type what you want to appear at the bottom of each post. It can be an image, a link, or a mixture of both {see mine).
4. When you post, tick the Show Signature box underneath.

Dave Maul

Slappy Skywalker 08-29-2000 06:32 PM

How do ya put a pic in there?


Dave Maul 08-30-2000 09:53 AM

In the sig box, type the URL of the image.

Do the same thing as the URL sig thing in the last post, but instead of URL, type IMG. So it will look like this:

[IMG] [/IMG]

But don't put spaces between the brackets and the URL.

Any more problems, edit this message and see what I did:

Matt Kenobi 09-11-2000 10:28 PM

i saw saesee tom somewhere ask about my site and where the jk info and banners were, well tom- i haven't worked on the site in a LONG time, i have been very busy with racing and school, and i also saw dave maul ask if me and slap were working on the site together, we're not really but are good friends from school


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Kurgan 09-12-2000 01:57 AM

Then that's that little thing called a FAQ that noone ever reads...

Sorry, just had to say it.


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