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Yoda's Little Helper 09-02-2000 08:32 PM

You dont know Jedi.
So you hot shots think your pretty clever eh?
Well try these on for size!
1. what was Divas first X-
Wing mission.
2. On avergae how big are Wamp Rats in Beggers Canyon.
3.What does the bounty hunter Aurra Sing use her fingers for?
4. When traviling to Outa Gunga what (Full name) is the device that lets Qiu gon and Obi wan breathe under water?
5. What is the pendant that ANi gives Padme made from?
These shoulds keep you for a while this quiz ends 12/9/00 so get those question awnserewd and the winner will win a greta prize!

Prize may not be dilivered or there may be no actual prize.

Hannibal 09-02-2000 10:07 PM

Who is greta and why would she give me a prize for knowing that stuff?:-)

Alloran Centauri 09-02-2000 10:18 PM

The pendant is made from a japor snippet...uh...

Don't know the others offhand.

Alloran Centauri

~It is not age but ability that marks a turning point.~

Pootie_Fett 09-03-2000 04:27 AM

Wamprats are 2 meters, well, at least i think they are, it could be 4, lol. But, 2 meters final answer....**bum bum bum**

Saesee Tom 09-03-2000 04:07 PM

>Not much bigger than two meters, actually.

>Uses her fingers? She collects lightsabers... but that's about it.

> Japor Snipet

Hayden Christensen in 'Star Wars Episode 2: The Rise of the Empire?'

Yoda's Little Helper 09-03-2000 05:01 PM

So far See Sea Tom's the closest so heres a clue:
1. She is liek a vampire.
2. Most of them are from the smae book.
Hee Hee..

Dave Maul 09-03-2000 07:52 PM

1. No Idea. Someone else field this one.
2. Between 2 and 3 metres, so on average, 2 + 3 = 5, divided by the number of values, which is 2, so that means the averageis 2.5
3. To draw blood (taken directly from the Visual Dictionary).
4. A99 Aquata Breather.
5. Japor Ivory Wood Snippet.

Dave Maul

[This message has been edited by Dave Maul (edited September 03, 2000).]

Saesee Tom 09-04-2000 11:41 AM

1. In the new Jedi Order book, Ruin... I think. He attempted to be a hotshot.

Hayden Christensen in 'Star Wars Episode 2: The Rise of the Empire?'

Yoda's Little Helper 09-04-2000 01:13 PM

In think Dave wins this round the awnser to number one was a raid in a solo X-Wing on a convey of Imperial frieghter transports containers etc.. (I got it from X-Wing.)
Well done Dave!

Dave Maul 09-04-2000 01:47 PM


Dave Maul

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