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Saesee Tom 09-22-2000 02:46 PM

Who want's a FREE hand-dawn Sig?
Yes, you can have you character or design hand-drawn and sent to you via E-Mail for FREE! You can decide on...


And have it dilivered within 48 hours!
Availible in JPEG, GIF and ZIPPED BMP.
Here is mine, turned crappy when it was transferred to JPEG.

Darth Maul's not the only one who's horney!

Darth_Simpson 09-22-2000 07:04 PM

Can you draw a Darth Homer for me, like the guy in my sig?

That would be cool! I need it in 233 x 350 pixels! The rest is up to you!

Thanks in advance!

Hunger leads to donuts...

Pedro The Hutt 09-22-2000 08:08 PM

Could you draw Jabba(or Vader) Anime-Style? I'd like that.

I am your father.

Saesee Tom 09-23-2000 09:21 AM

Ok, I'll give it a go.
Anime? Show me this 'anime'...

Darth Maul's not the only one who's horney!

Dave Maul 09-23-2000 11:16 AM

Anime? it's Japanese style; think Pokemon, etc.


Darth_Simpson 09-23-2000 03:47 PM

Don't get me started on anime...

Pedro The Hutt 09-24-2000 06:58 PM

OOPS, I seem to have started a discussion. hehe... sorry.
(BTW, my sister's really really mad about anime, from DBZ to Poké to Sailor Moon, she's mad, she starts to scream the second she spots an anime character)

I am your father.

Darth_Simpson 09-24-2000 11:09 PM

Your sister is very wise, Pedro!

Pedro The Hutt 09-25-2000 06:04 PM

I mean she likes it, really likes it! She likes it so much she hardly watches anything else on the TV.

Darth_Simpson 09-25-2000 08:57 PM

Your sister doesn't appear to be very wise afterall...

No offense!

Pedro The Hutt 09-26-2000 06:13 PM

Now you're speaking my language!

Saesee Tom 09-28-2000 04:37 PM

It's kind of hard, I've got a lot to do within the next month (Verwood FM, for you local Star Warsians). I am working on it and I am trying to make it look as Anime as possible.

Thanks for waiting.

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Dave Maul 09-28-2000 05:47 PM you made a bunch of promises, and now you're disappointing people. This confirmes my suspicions...

Saesee Tom is a JPB Programmer! j/k


Pedro The Hutt 09-28-2000 06:45 PM

HUH? At LEC, from UK to USA???

Besides... Saesee, I don't mind, I have a lot of patience. I've had a lot of practice in doctor's waiting rooms (I'm often sick, so there).
Oh yeah, what's the frequency of Verwood FM, I might check it out if it can be heard in Belgium.

Oh yeah, just say it when you're ready, I need to give you my E-Mail adress when you want to mail it.

I am your father.

Darth_Simpson 09-28-2000 08:47 PM

Take your time...

Just freaking anime for me!!

Pedro The Hutt 09-29-2000 08:34 PM

We know it already!!!

I am your father.

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