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Saesee Tom 09-23-2000 09:50 AM

Silence for BERU LARS
British actress Shelagh Fraser, known to Star Wars fans for her brief sound-dubbed role as Aunt Beru in Star Wars: A New Hope,
died recently form a long-term illness.

Darth Maul's not the only one who's horney!

Darth_Simpson 09-23-2000 03:50 PM


Seems like the original SW crew is passing away...

Saesee Tom 09-25-2000 03:18 PM

They are. It's 23 years since it came out, and some of the cast members weren't exactly teenagers...

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Master Qui-Gon 09-25-2000 03:58 PM

Some of them were.

Saesee Tom 09-26-2000 02:49 PM

Ok, bad example.

They wern't all young... no...
People have to die sometime.

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