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Dave Maul 10-17-2000 07:29 PM

Well, I'm Off For A While...
I'll be in sunny Orlando for 10 days, as of Thursday afternoon. So nows the chance to say your goodbyes...unless my hotel has internet access...hmmm...


Pedro The Hutt 10-17-2000 07:40 PM

Well, have a good time over there.(the weather should be better then here in Europe)
And bring back souvenirs for everybody on the forum! (only kidding)

I am your father.

Darth_Chaos 10-18-2000 12:27 AM

I'm in Fl. I'm in FL enjoy it in Orlando BTW what park are you going to see? and the Weathe is Great.

Dave Maul 10-18-2000 04:15 PM

All four Disney Parks (don't laugh!), Universal Studios, Islands Of Adventure, maybe Seaworld, and the Florida Mall (while not a theme park, my mum considers it the best fun to be had there).

Well, see ya guys, unless I get the chance to post tomorrow morning...don't hold your breath, though.


Pedro The Hutt 10-18-2000 05:32 PM

You going to Disney world.
(once again, only kidding)

I am your father.

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Darth_Simpson 10-19-2000 02:06 PM

Have fun!

And I must say that I thought Seaworld was better than Disneyworld!

And Universal Studios was GREAT!

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