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Master Qui-Gon 04-20-2000 03:34 PM

How to Kill Maul Before Final Battle
Classic Thread

How to Kill Maul Before Final Battle

<TR><td bgcolor=#00000 valign=top><font color="000000">Master Qui-Gon</font color> <td bgcolor=#00000><div align="Justify"><font color="green1" size="2">A lot of people have asked me how I did this‚ including Zanzibar‚ so I decided to post it separately to make it easier to find. I did not do any hacking or anything like that‚ I did it by finding the rhythm of game [kind of by instinct rather than thinking].

As you know‚ Maul is supposed to be unbeatable until the very end. This is not the case. You can kill him in “Desert” and in the second part of “Assault” [I haven’t really tried on the first part].

To beat him in “Desert” you have to put away the lightsaber and use something with more firepower. You’re on a timer here and you have to kill him before the ship takes off. When he's almost dead‚ he’ll run in a big circle and then evaporate into thin air. To kill him‚ you have to take out the last bit of his life before he gets a chance to evaporate.

In the second part of “Assault” [where Obi-Wan falls off and has to grab an elevator] it’s a bit harder to kill Maul. There are several ways to do it‚ but the key is in Maul’s spinning kick that he does when his life is knocked down by half. You have to maneuver him so he keeps doing this regardless of whether he's been to the john lately. One way to do this is to press your back against the closed door [the one that you just went through to exit the hangar bay]. If you do this right‚ Qui-Gon will stand on the opposite side of Maul and essentially box him in. With your back pressed against the door and Darth Maul directly in front of you, you have to press and hold the attack button. If you’ve lined yourself up right‚ once Maul starts his spin kick‚ holding the attack button will prevent you from taking damage.

Now comes the hard bit. Maul’s life is supposed to keep refilling back to halfway every few seconds‚ but if you keep at it and he stays in his spin kick‚ eventually it stops refilling. Unlike the end of the game‚ where Maul lies there groaning‚ here he's quite clearly stone dead. This quite confuses Qui-Gon and every few seconds he startles the bajezus out of himself when he steps on Maul’s fallen saber.

Your reward for succeeding at this is a game over; if you try to continue‚ Qui-Gon won’t follow you. The game tries to tell you that Qui-Gon is dead‚ even if your looking right at him. You can get around this by hugging the wall as you approach the elevator. In fact‚ that works regardless of whether you’ve killed Maul. You don’t even have to fight him.

I was a bit surprised that Zanzibar had never hear of this happening. Has anybody else out there figured this out? I spent about 5 minutes throwing a quick web page together‚ with a few Darth Mauled screen shots. Check it out if you like. I also have a few save games for anybody that wants one.

<a href=""><font face="BernardMod BT"><font color="green1"><font size="2"></a></font></font color></font face><font color="green1">.<font size="-2"><Font color="000000">

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Zanzibar 04-20-2000 03:54 PM

What weapon did you use to kill him with on the Desert level? I think the only weapons you can get with Qui-Gon on both previous Desert levels are a single blaster rifle and some flash grenades...and I think a Thermal Detonator is possible somewhere. Regardless, he's supposed to be able to deflect blaster shots away, and I thought that was working rather well.

It sounds like you definitely found a bug in Maul's AI in Assault that would make him killable. You achieved something that LA's Testing Department didn't

And, by the way, that's not Maul groaning at the end of the Final Battle level, it was Qui-Gon. I know, it looks like it - we were originally having Maul fall down the pit like in the movie, but something BAD was happening with the AI that made it not work, so we were forced to keep him dead on the catwalk

Master Qui-Gon 04-20-2000 04:42 PM

<td bgcolor=#00000><font color="000000"></font color> <div align="Justify"><font color="green1" size="2">Oh, I forgot. I guess that does kind of count as a cheat. I play with Qui-Gon on every level. I didn’t think about it because there isn’t really much difference in the Jedi levels, but it does mean that he has all the weapons. The quick easy way to kill Maul on the Desert level is with the “happy” code, but just to see if I could do it, I did it with regular weapons.

Qui-Gon can pick up more weapons than you mentioned, though. I can’t remember them all offhand, but there are Flash greneades in Arena by the sand people and from the R2 unit, some by the ship in Mos Espa, and some near Watto's shop. In Mos Espa, he can get a blaster in Sebulba’s house, he can trade the dragon's tooth for one, there's one by the Jawas near Anakin’s podracer, and one in Arena in the sandcrawler. He can also use a Jedi mind trick on the dealer right in front of the main entrance to the arena. This is where he gets the Thermal Detonator. I think I found a missle launcher somewhere also. That’s at least 1000 baster shots, 20 grenades, a thermal detonator, and 5 missles, which are enough to get the job done. It’s tough though. You have to be fast, you can't miss, and you have to use the thermal detonator without destroying the hyperdrive or killing someone you're not supposed to [you can lead Maul away]. And in case you were wondering, no I haven’t spent that much time on this. I’ve just had the game for almost a year without getting bored with it. I keep finding new ways to make it interesting. You’ve probably said it sometime, but out of curiosity, what did you do in making this game? I know you said you didn’t deal with codes.<font size="-2"><Font color="000000">

Zanzibar 04-20-2000 10:57 PM

I built and animated all the 3d models in the game.

Master Qui-Gon 04-21-2000 12:47 AM

Cool! Sounds like you've got a fun job.

I've monkeyed around with some of that software a bit, but you've gotta buy alot of different programs and spend alot of money to be able to do much. Lots of fun though [unless LA is breathing down your neck about deadlines]. Looks to me like you did a great job.

I am the Lizard King, I can do anything.<font size="-2"><Font color="000000">

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Zanzibar 04-21-2000 04:33 PM

I had a good time doing it. It was amazing working with all the great costume shots we got from Skywalker Ranch.

In hindsight, we could have blown a few more polygons per model. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan ESPECIALLY didn't turn out that well. I built them first, when we thought we were going to go more of the "exaggerated Anime" look instead of making realistic people. I adjusted them somewhat, but some characters just look a lot better than others.

Something that we ended up working on, but didn't make it into the final version, was a Skin modifier that would make the models seamless. If Lucasarts decided to go ahead with a Dreamcast version, we were all set - with only a few modifications, the models would have looked a LOT better. Ah well.

Master Qui-Gon 04-21-2000 06:02 PM

<div align="Justify">I've heard other people say the same things about the characters, but I think they came out okay [unlike JPB you used the right outfits]. The only time there was a problem with them was when the camera angle changed, sometimes parts of them would disappear or their hands would be a foot above the rope they were hanging from. This didn't bother me, though. The disappearing faces in the "naughty naughty" camera angle makes it easier to see what you're doing.

The Lucasarts people drop lower on my list everyday. An improved TPM for Dreamcast may have motivated me to get around to buying a Dreamcast. At least that would be something of a project. They don't have much of an excuse for not doing the PC update. Despite bad reviews [philistines!] TPM sold well, and many of the people that only thought it was a so-so game would still buy the update, so there's not a valid financial reason. I wonder if there's anything that would change their mind. Perhaps we should try a Jedi mind trick; they seem pretty week minded over there at Lucasarts.

Darth skywalker 04-26-2000 04:18 AM

That would be weird if in the end Qui-Gon gets killed by air or hes just walking and Maul's lightsaber suddenly gos at him out of nowhere and cuts his head off and then he goes ahhh and obi-wan just starts talking to his head.

Master Qui-Gon 05-02-2000 09:26 PM

How colorful.

Master Qui-Gon, Jedi Master
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Master Qui-Gon 07-30-2000 05:16 PM

Is this what you were looking for Matt?

Dave Maul 07-31-2000 06:51 AM


Originally posted by Zanzibar:
I built and animated all the 3d models in the game.
So you're Ray West?

Dave Maul

Saesee Tom 08-01-2000 11:04 AM

Who? I take it he's in the credits for the game. Wierd AI in the desert level, when he dissapears (and Anakin says 'Follow me') I managed to keep a sharp eye on him, and he somersaulted into thin air.


Matt Kenobi 08-01-2000 12:41 PM

that's the one, thanks, i'm gonna try that


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Master Qui-Gon 05-10-2006 03:03 PM

I can't believe this forum is still here!

Redwing 05-10-2006 07:25 PM

Where else would it be? :D

Master Qui-Gon 05-13-2006 12:19 PM

Nowhere. I thought it would be gone.

Redwing 05-15-2006 03:19 AM

Well, they haven't been deleting forums since the merger, which was several years back. (I remember when the Podracer forum on the old forum was deleted, and deleted when still active too... that kinda sucked.)

Tatterdemalion7 05-17-2006 01:53 AM

Well, I hope this one doesn't get deleted anytime soon. I mean, I have yet to find anything with more misc. information on this game than here.

Master Qui-Gon 05-19-2006 07:23 PM


Originally Posted by Redwing
Well, they haven't been deleting forums since the merger, which was several years back. (I remember when the Podracer forum on the old forum was deleted, and deleted when still active too... that kinda sucked.)

Yeah, I lost at least half my posts when they deleted the JPB forum.

Master Qui-Gon 05-14-2007 12:54 AM

Maybe they keep it here because it has a lot of good game related information in it.

Commander Obi-Wan 05-14-2007 01:34 AM

Maybe so, but it's still very quiet here. :p

Though, if feel so newbish here since all of y'all were here back many years ago. :p

Master Qui-Gon 05-15-2007 02:08 PM


Originally Posted by Commander Obi-Wan
Maybe so, but it's still very quiet here. :p

Though, if feel so newbish here since all of y'all were here back many years ago. :p

What's that sonny? You'll have to shpeak up, m’hearin aid's broken.

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