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AriBen_Kenobi 08-28-2001 07:04 AM

How do I approach a girl
Hey all, Zanzi, dave maul, qui-gon, and the rest of ya,

err...anyone got any tips on how to approach a girl? I've had my eye on this one british girl for the last few days, any suggestions fellow jedi?

Master Qui-Gon 08-28-2001 12:54 PM

<div align="Justify"><font color="green1">Brag about your Star Wars action figure collection. Tell her you have the original Chewbacca.

Seriously though, the best advice I can give you is always remember that approaching a girl is like approaching an on-coming train. You think you're approaching her but she runs right over you without a second thought... leaving you nothing but a twisted mass of nasty bits.

If you were hoping for something more helpful, just get to know her and don't pretend to be something you aren't. If she doesn't return your interest, then don't waste your time. Men are really thick-headed when it comes to that. If you want a more honest opinion: don't trust her. :rolleyes: I think that's enough unhelpful advice for one day. ...but those English accents sure are hard to resist, eh? ;)

Dave Maul 08-28-2001 05:11 PM

Hmmm... you'd use your legs, wouldn't you? ;)

Seriously, I dunno why you're asking me, I can't get a date at all! :) (wait, that hurt... awww my ego...) I'd say MQG kinda summed up 'Dating 101' above. But English girls? You can do much better ;) High School creates an image of hot teen girls... well, lemme reiterate my first comment ;)

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Redwing 08-30-2001 05:58 AM

Hmm well I could ask my friends' advice, but mine would be best friends are girls but not that way.

Master Qui-Gon 08-30-2001 02:58 PM

<div align="Justify"><font color="green1">In my experience, even women don't understand women. ...but they have a much better idea than men do. See what your female friends have to say.<font size="-2">

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Rogue15 08-30-2001 04:20 PM

hehe if u get rejected, don't start a 'life sucks' topic. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

darth terrat 08-31-2001 03:01 PM

life sucks :D :rolleyes:

Master Qui-Gon 08-31-2001 05:10 PM

<font color="green1">So... did you get rejected?

Kurgan 08-31-2001 05:31 PM


How do I approach a girl?
With heart, faith, skill.. in the end, there can be only one!

*It depends on the girl, and it depends on you, and the situation.

Pedro The Hutt 08-31-2001 10:59 PM

or just don't ;)

Quitari, Jedi master 10-04-2001 04:00 PM

I have kinda the same to appraoch a is hard :confused:

Master Qui-Gon 10-05-2001 12:17 PM

<div align="Justify"><font color="green1">Yeah, but not as hard as betrayal. Watch your back, it's one of their favorite targets.

Redwing 10-10-2001 04:43 AM


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