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Soulless 05-25-2002 10:46 AM

I feel like the only true newbie
(WARNING: minor whine, not much)

At first I will admit this, I am totally crap at lightsaber fights, i have had kills but I generally avoid Duals (because I suck badly). But this doesn't stop me from playing it over and over again because practise means perfect. Unlike some people who are crap I dont cheat, I dont bend the rules, I dont use scripts. I have only ever performed one successfull backstab and a few swings.
I am annoyed by the amount of people without talent who dont practise. I feel like the only person who is crap and not cheating. Also I am light side, I use absorb and heal as my allies and dont lightning spam. I am good in teams though, i stay in defence and defend to the best of my abilities, i dont interfear with duals, i have a sort of code of respect (though if they have the're lightsaber down it's there own fault.

Does anyone want to train me, help me bring up my skills so I can strike down vengeance on people with no talent. Or train me up so I can show these n00bs true skill and maybe teach them. This is a fun game and I would like to keep playing this (even if I am totally crap at it).

Jah Warrior 05-25-2002 11:07 AM

You aint crap
If you are enjoying the game then you have already won in my opinion.

Like you say practice makes perfect.

if you want some tips or advice, well I am no expert but would be happy to share what knowledge I do have.

Just send me a Private message and I'll reply with any answers i can give.

Peace to you man, and good luck.

Sutek 05-25-2002 11:10 AM

By the sounds of it you aren't so much a newbie as a beginner - you know what needs to be done to learn, and have started doing it. I also spent a lot of time in defence when I was learning (I still do, or on "flag retrieval" in CTF games).

As for the rest of it, practice does indeed make perfect, and the ability to smile when you lose, and come back for more. The lightsaber down code is being slowly superceded by the typing icon (which it originally symbolised), though the addendum to that is "if they have saber down AND your are either not fighting them already, or they are acting in a non-agressive fashion". But then, not everyone likes that or sticks to it.

As for training, depending on your location (learning is hard when your ping places you at a disadvantage straight away), I am more than willing to help you out. I'm based in the UK, and on during large chunks of the day. Either do a player search for me (I go by the name Sutek online as well), or email me and arrange a time/place to meet online. I'll certainly do my best to help out.

If it's not convenient for you, try getting in touch with the Jedi Academy, though they are still in the setup phases apparently -

Soulless 05-25-2002 11:16 AM

Yeh I have seen the academy, i might enroll when they get going, but for now I will take any tuition or tips I can get...
...I smile when I lose, makes the enemy think they've pissed me off, live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse

Sutek 05-25-2002 02:24 PM

Well I don't have access to my playing comp at the moment (I have two computers, and one is the faster comp for playing JK2, the other acts as my server when necessary), probably be free on Monday if that's ok?

You still haven't answered about location, no details necessary, I just need to know if you're in Japan, darkest America, sunny Australia or anywhere else which might have a poor connection. A general idea is all, but if you don't want to say, fair enough.

Soulless 05-25-2002 07:32 PM

Horrible UK, 56k connection (bla!)
Monday aint good cos of College and a gig im going bout Tuesday evenin...

Sutek 05-25-2002 10:36 PM

Tuesday...yup, should be free - Monday was bad anyway cos I'm going out in the evening. Do you use MSN messenger or ICQ? Let me know which and I'll pm you the appropriate address.

FunClown 05-26-2002 01:29 AM


I feel like the only true newbie
Don't worry mate, its only 1337 p14y3rs who will call you a n00by 14m3rz after you kill them since they think its against the rules.

Take it as a compliment! :)

Soulless 05-26-2002 06:21 AM

ICQ: 85753722

Sutek 05-28-2002 06:43 AM

I sent you an email, but no reply.

hyrit 05-28-2002 08:41 AM

Even though you've got these offers, I may as well put mine out too. If you ever see me on a server, feel free to ask any questions, or we can even go to another server or something to go in depth, or just to practice. Or we could call a duel and do nothing but have class. Nothing ticks off a FFA server faster than that. :D

My name in game is always Hyrit. I'm the only one I know of.

ShockV1.89 05-28-2002 01:29 PM

If you see me, let me know. I'll show you a few things...


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