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Lord Sokar 05-25-2002 05:36 PM

The worst 1.03 game ever...
Happened to me just a short while ago.

I've been critical of 1.03, but when I saw how many servers were staying 1.02c, I was happy. But I try to stray into a 1.03 server from time to time to see what happens. Today, I was in the most pathetic game ever. It seems that people who enjoy backstabing/sweeping are multiplying, and fast, and the autoblock rocks on into new heights.

First, the guy in the hall. He thought he was going to be a bad ass for sure. We run into one another, he lunges forward with a blue swirl, I fall back without attacking letting the game take care of it for me, then the guy just stops turns his back and looks down. He doesn't move for 5 seconds, then a quick look back and he realizes I'm standing with my saber off watching. Then he starts backing up and stabing. I leave.

Second, I've always said there was a rare bug in backstabing, now I've got the lucky bug. I backstabed and TWO people IN FRONT of me die. I laugh.

Next, the guy watching the fight. The map was deathstar, at the opening to the hanger, somebody was watching the situation with their saber on (TFFA), I come in full ahead (red stance), do an overhead two handed swing dead center on this players back, and HE BLOCKED IT! I laughed harder.

Finally, the resolution. I stand outside groups of fighters and just throw my light saber in the middle of them, racking up 8 points before someone pins it on me.

Thanks Raven. I hope your at least reading this, and I hope you repair this damage in your next patch. I was looking forward to Elite Force 2.

Pedantic 05-25-2002 05:40 PM

Well, it's just too bad that Raven isn't doing EF2.

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