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lght1 05-26-2002 01:10 AM

What does this error message mean?

When I attempt to use a "cheat", I get this after the level I am in finishes. I am unable to move up to another level once I get this :


G_ParseSpawnVars: found worldspawn when expecting {

I am stuck on the infamous "bridge" in the academy level, just before Kyle meets Luke with his sabre.

I've about given up on the bridge, and just want to move past this so I can continue to enjoy the game.

acdcfanbill 05-26-2002 03:43 AM

im not sure, but try force speeding across bridges... worked for me...

lght1 05-26-2002 03:49 AM


I've tried, and even from the very edge of the plate , the bridge is already almost past the door by the time he gets there.

I've tried about everything I can think of, and to no avail, and since the cheats cant seem to get me past this....its back to Elite Force for me. :-(

lght1 05-26-2002 11:09 AM


I've tried to jump that d@mmed bridge, and it is always way fast for poor Kyle "the slug" Katern. The bridge is always past the door when he gets there....hence there is nothing to jump from.

Is there NO cheat for this, at least one that wont disturb the game level advancement?

BlackDove 05-26-2002 11:37 AM

Odd, I nailed the bridge the second time I tried it....force speed does wonders.....

lght1 05-26-2002 12:01 PM


I've just made the jump, from the right side, no less.

However, I am still getting this error message after the meeting with Luke, which prevents me from moving to the level.

" Error:

G_ParseSpawnVars: found worldspawn when expecting { "

I cant progress to the next level. What does the message mean??

lght1 05-26-2002 06:35 PM



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