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Soulless 05-26-2002 03:45 PM

The Saber Tournament (a great idea I've had!)
The Saber Tournament

Im thinking of setting up an official Tournament with rules and a proper fighting map. The game's will be in FFA mode so people can view the games in a much more crowd setting. Each game will have a referee to make sure the rules are not broken. To participate per round there will be a queing point on the map and several bouncers (to stop any unneccesary interfearance). Each game will work in a Challenger mode. First two competitors fight and the winner goes on to fight the next round (allowed time inbetween to get health packs). Then the next challenger is let in to fight.

Arena: Like a gladiators arena but with a raised platform in the middle of the arena, this is where people will fight. If they touch any area other than this in a fight then they lose. There will also be another raised platform where the referee will reside. Where people are watching there will be an invisible barrier to stop them interfearing. The queing spot will be a door that is activated from the arena side, operated by one of the bouncers. The door can only be controlled at this point by this person. This is incase the queing point becomes a complete Melee (as some people may want to be next), the door is locked and the bouncers will come out and "control" the situation (involving Dark side lightning or beating up those responsible) all matches are halted until the situation calms down. There will be a lobby area where people respawn. Two passageways, one leading the the que point (which will be to one wall of the arena) and the other leading to the seating (the other 3 walls of the arena.). There will also be a locked passageway for the bouncers to travel between the arena and the que point incase someone doesn't like the rules. There will also be a door for the loser to exit out of, there will be bouncers stationed ouside this area to stop anyone getting past. Hopefully (if it's possible) there will be little TV's set up so the bouncers can watch wats going on (i have seen this done in Q3 before, in the teleportation portals). Or just make the walls transparent.

Do not fight until the referee ignites his lightsaber
No Force allowed
If you are killed, you lose (obviously)
If you touch an area outside of the arena, you lose.
Kicking IS allowed
If you deactivate your saber during a fight you lose (as it as seen as forfeit)

This is a large project but I have no skills other than producing good ideas and hopefully with support this can see a beginning.
This is the help "The Saber Tournement" will need:
Someone to host the games (as I have crappy 56k)
Some bouncers (someone that can live with the same skin for the duration of there shift and have a blue lightsaber)
Some refs (someone capable of upholding the rules and knows how to ignite there lightsaber)
Someone to operate the door switch (for the que point)
A Mapper to make this map...

If there is no referee available, then the door is closed and the game becomes a standerd FFA match in the other available points. The main arena is only used when the tournaments begin.
If someone loses but doesn'd die (ie stands outside of the arena) but doesn't stop fighting they will be dealt with.

What do you guys think of this idea, you think it's good, bad. Advice, Questions or Recruitement just ask here.

BlackDove 05-26-2002 03:50 PM

Crappy rules and they are sort of contradicting themselves. If there are to be no force powers, then you can't have kick, and if you have kick, then it's not a sabrefight anymore, it's a kickboxing round...You need to think a little more on that "idea" you dreamt of last night...

Soulless 05-26-2002 03:56 PM

yes this was an idea I had last night....i get pretty bored when Im not at work ok... I say at the bottom, advice?

what do you think the rules should be then, this is open for discussion, ideas any input...or maybe your all going to be pessimistic and slag me off...

C'jais 05-26-2002 04:01 PM

Three words: Duel game type.

What you describe is very hard to do, although it could be done.
The only reason you don't want the duel type is because then people can "watch it in a much more crowd setting". Why can't the spectators just be spectators (in duel)?

The duel game type is already used for that which you mention: allowing people to duel with each other in a controlled fashion (okay, not very controlled right now). All you need is an admin who could kick people if they broke the rules.

Soulless 05-26-2002 04:07 PM

fine, i wont go ahead, all I tried to do was add a bit of variety, screw this then...

BlackDove 05-26-2002 04:08 PM

Oh it's great to daydream. I commend you for it, since it's a good perk to have (overactive imagination is a terrific barrier against some things...). Anyway here is the main thing...


Do not fight until the referee ignites his lightsaber
That's ok, but really unnecessary, and limits the matches to a FFA since there can be only 2 people in a Duel. Which means you play on BIG maps...and that is non-sensable because it's a 1v1....


No Force allowed
Uhm, sure ok


If you are killed, you lose (obviously)
This a rule? ;)


If you touch an area outside of the arena, you lose.
Why not make a big map on a high altitude so if you cross the line you FALL? (and there are some maps like that)


Kicking IS allowed
Bad idea, first it contradicts the no-force rule, and secondly, you have kick whores that just kick and don't even try to hit you with a lightsabre. So basically if you're gonna enforce the no-force rule, then I suggest you delete the kick aspects...


If you deactivate your saber during a fight you lose (as it as seen as forfeit)
Why? Any deactivation of the sabre means that you probably want to say something, or you need to be afk for a moment. The rule is doing nothing but intruding the space of the rules.

Now from here I would give the 1 backstab rule, which means you are allowed to backstab only once in a match (counting it as an accident). That removes the backstab whores.

That's pretty much of what I can think of now, I'm sleepy and wanna go sleep hehe......

Madcow 05-26-2002 04:41 PM


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