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ExDeath 05-27-2002 07:48 PM

detention center
im stuck at the point where i let the prisoners out of their cage
after i get to the hangar and go in upper and lower door at the end of the hangar, i cant find anything but locked doors
i also got in that air vent and i followed it untill i came to a room with a very deep pit, but dont know what to do there
i'm really stuck, anyone know what i should do?

GidionTheDead 05-27-2002 08:07 PM

Activate the ventilation shaft in the control room (at the very top of the detention complex, with that large glass/metal tube in the middle of the room.

(There are two buttons, one released the prisoners, the other is for the ventilation shaft.)

Now jump into the ventilation shaft and the air will slowly lift you to the bottom. Try to move towards the grate, which is lying half-way in the shaft. If you miss it, you will be sucked into the blades at the bottom of the shaft.

ExDeath 05-29-2002 03:34 PM

after opeing the hangar doors, they told me to go to the surface
where the hell is the surface? i've searched everywhere

GidionTheDead 05-30-2002 03:40 PM

I believe you must take the other way around, where you had the Imperial Commander open the door. (There is a second door in that room.)

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