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Xenon812 05-28-2002 04:35 AM

An Army Of Jans......
In my continuing quest to do stupid stuff in SP, I was fooling around spawning NPCs, and I noticed something. If you spawn 15 or 20 Jans and run into a roomful of stormtroopers, all ya have to do is get off to the side, and the Jans will kill the stormies for ya. I found it pretty hilarious that you could have a private army of fine babes to do your bidding.
Only 2 problems:

1. They normally will not go in front of you...they only tag along behind you wherever you go, and they sometimes are too freaked out to follow you onto elevator platforms or through certain doorways.

2. If they follow you into a small room or narrow corridor that you have to backtrack out of, they will not always get out of the way, and so sometimes the only way to move them is to use Force Push, or if you are in the early levels without force powers, you will have to kill them, in which case the army will turn on ya and you better hope you are in God mode.

Just a couple of further observations about playing outside the box, as it were.

As a kid, when arcade games were first coming out, I was alwasy the one to try to drive into a grandstand of a racecar game, or do stuff that the game was not designed to do.

Just one more reason for me to really dig JKII!!!

Jabbas WhOr3 05-28-2002 06:04 AM

Or you can do what i did :D sit on top of the tower in god mode in At-St level and spawned an army of lukes...then turned and dropped an army of dessans, at first it was like .03FPS then the killin started and it got better :D

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