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journeyman37 05-28-2002 05:50 AM

Problem with Meroe Level
Hi all :)

Perhaps someone can help.

I'm in the Meroe level where Indy goes into the 1st Pyramid. I've reached a chamber with a very deep pit, i drop off a ledge and theres a stoneblock on the left. I jump over the pit and have to press a button. The stoneblock on the other side lifts up. I then have about 25 seconds to jump back to the other side and go through the opened tunnel.

I can jump over to the side with the button but after pressing the button, I try jumping back to the other side, but I can't quite reach. I've been stuck trying to jump back for days now.

Does anyone have a saved game that can help me out?

If they do I'll be very happy :-) thanks!!!!!


nd 05-29-2002 12:13 PM

You must do a running jump. Press the button, then immediately turn 180 degrees and start running. Try to delay your jump until the last possible moment. If it doesn't work you might consider to lower the difficulty level. I unfortunately don't have a savegame and won't have any time to create one the next couple of days.

journeyman37 05-30-2002 01:59 PM

Thanks for the advice :)

I'll give it a go and see what happens. I'll let you know if i manage to get across.


nd 05-31-2002 03:42 AM

In fact, this part is quite challenging. You might consider to just practice this jump several times without hitting the button so you won't feel yourself so much under pressure...

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