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Wildcat 05-28-2002 09:20 AM

That nice game needs something...
1) More powerful saber hits + dismemberments (MP)
2) Team rounds like in cs
3) Mission objectives (ex Rebels must bomb something from the Empire and there are 1 Jedi and 1 Sith available for each team per round)
4)Fights with customs sabers and skins between Jedi's and Sith's on maps like "Duel of The Fates" (The Phantom Menace), it would be !really! nice ;-)

Excuse my bad English but I'm Belgian and I speak french :p

ShadowCell 05-28-2002 12:29 PM

You speak English better than some people who don't know any other language.

And yes, that would be pretty cool. But that won't make my machine any faster, so I'm just gonna patiently wait for all those TCs and, consequently, the source code.

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