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darthvader24 05-28-2002 04:01 PM

Spin the light sabre in your Hand
Cool Light Sabre Effects:

If you have change weapon on the mousewheel then this will work for you!!

Get your sabre out and the quickly and consistently spin the mouse wheel (try to do this when you have no ammo or hardly any weapons, thats when it'll work best) quickly and it will look like the sabre is doing 360 spins around the middle-finger, it looks cool

FEAR_IS_MY_ALLY 05-28-2002 04:20 PM


Andy867 05-28-2002 08:39 PM

can you post a Screenshot to back up this claim of yours Darth? because I've been searching for that effect on the forums for some time, and if it was that easy someone would have mentioned it a long time ago... and don't try to do it in SP by changing Desanns character to someone else... I just want to be able to do it as a cool effect before a saber duel...

Methuselah 05-30-2002 03:00 AM

what he's talking about is probably only existent in SP, where you spin ur saber about one round as you draw it or retract it.. if you want to do the spin that the dark jedi do, bind a key to "taunt" (yes i know there's a +taunt, but that's non-existent in SP). when u hit that key, you'll make ur weapon float above your hand, and spin it. as for the "spinning the saber round the middle finger" thing, it's just re-equipping your saber again and again, which means kyle keeps spinning one round again and again.. =)

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