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jedi mayhem 05-29-2002 12:47 AM

Help...Mods in MP
I'm fairly new at this so bear with me.....I see alot of people with skins and taunts and the such in JK2 MP games. How do you get this stuff to work?

1. Skins - if I install a new skin how do i get it to show in MP? Does the host server need to have a copy for it to work?

2. Taunts - ive tried to bind taunts to a key, but they dont work when joining an MP game.

3. Do other mods like saber mods show in MP? I can get some to work in SP but not MP. I would like to use some of the cool stuff some of you guys are making in an MP game, but again, are not familiar with how to make it work.

If anyone can shine the light for me I would appreciate it - or point me to a guide already published. Thanks everyone....


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