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Smithers 05-29-2002 04:48 AM

Level 15 - NO GO - the problems continue
Well I guess this is the end of Indy for me.
I've had so many problems with level 15 that I can't take it anymore.

nd, I thank you for all you savegames, but now I'm stuck again - elevator wont work [same place that qinx was stuck].

I have downloaded start_Aetherium and _Peru from you {thanks} maybe I will try those instead.

I just can't bear knowing that I can't complete a Level - it goes against every grain in my "game-playing" body.
Anyway thanks to all.

nd 05-29-2002 12:09 PM

Smithers, I understand very well. Too bad.

bachasaurus 09-05-2002 12:42 AM

Same Irritating Glitches
Hi there. Ditto, ditto: I am having the same problems with level 15. I couldn't get into the first room at the start, but was finally able after downloading nd's savegame. Then the automatic door would not open after running across the rotating platforms. I cannot get past this point. Sounds like contacting LucasArts has not been helpful at all.

I would really like to finish this level. I guess nd had a savegame beyond this point, but it is no longer there? Does anyone have a savegame past the point of the automatic door? Thanks a lot.



nd 09-05-2002 05:56 AM

*** nd is still here ***
I'm still here but don't have any more level15 savegames. Had to replace my hard drive on my gaming pc, so the only savegames left are the ones on my server. I could replay level 15 to recreate the savegames, but until Sunday (Sept. 8) I'm on a business travel. If still necessary, I'll do that on Sunday.

Smithers 09-05-2002 09:21 AM

Hey nd how R U?
Hey nd, havent been in the forum for a while, and I know I shouldn't post this reply on this thread, but.... Just wanted to tell you, I replayed Riven and played Myst for the first time. I was surprised how much easier Myst was then Riven, (should have played them in the right order...). Be seeing you again soon, waiting patiently for next Indy adventure... :syoda:

bachasaurus 09-05-2002 10:18 PM

Level 15 Problems
Thanks for your speedy reply nd. I was really enjoying the game when all these problems arose. It is darn depressing. Thanks for the start for levels 15 and 16. They have been most helpful.

Don't go to too much trouble, but I would welcome the help if you are still willing to replay level 15. I'll check back after Sept. 8. Have a good trip. Thanks a lot.



nd 09-08-2002 01:45 PM

back home again
Bachasaurus, I'm sorry, but my own savegames don't work for myself anymore. Changed my graphics card. Now I have a Gainward GeForce 2 PRO. If I use my start_15_MACHINE file the game crashes to desktop after the first cutscene with Turner and Sophia. I'll try to overcome this with a new driver etc. - I'll come back if there's any news.

Level 15 is really weird. I've got the impression that they had to finish it under pressure. My new graphics card uncovers a lot of 3D glitches. The other levels seem to work so far.

Smithers, hi my friend! Yes, Myst is much easier than Riven. Also, Exile is not a big challenge IMO - however, the artwork is first-class. I recently got a copy of RealMYST. Same puzzles as in Myst but realtime 3D. You can go where you want, daytime changes instantly, butterflies and bats flying, frogs in Channelwood, fishes in Stoneship. Much fun!

bachasaurus 09-09-2002 07:40 PM

Frustrating Level 15
Hi nd. That's too bad. Thanks anyways for trying to help me out. Guess that's it for level 15. It was such a good game up to that point. Oh well, guess I'll look forward to playing level 16.

It must be frustrating for you to discover that changing a graphics card causes it to crash at your end. Sounds pretty buggy to me.

Here's hoping level 16 goes along smoothly. Thanks again.

Till later,



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