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crazyplaya73 05-29-2002 11:44 AM

My Dedicated Server Setup
Hey all. I just wanted to share some of my server settings which for the most part limit the amount of spamming and lame moves that people can use for easy kills all of the time. Most of the people who play on the server seem to really enjoy the setup.

1) Server game speed is set at 200 this slows down the combat to make it more realistic and rolls are slower so people don't roll around like fools.

2) Pull, absorb, and lightning are disabled in FFA maps and in duel maps only push, speed, seeing, jump and saber powers are allowed. So I have disabled the powers that seem to be imballanced. Lightning is too powerfull and absorb is too effective. The problem with pull is that it is too easy to pull and backstab. You can still push and backstab but it is more difficult.

3) Saber only no weapons.

4) Dismemberment enabled :)

5) Maps switch between FFA and Duels.

6) 2 minute time limit on duels.

7) 20 minute time limit and 20 kill limit on FFA

8) Lots and lots of skins

That's all I can think of right now. Those are the main settings that seem to make my server so much fun to play on. Well except when I'm on kicking everyone's ass. :) J/K.

Server name: Saber Only Smorgasbord!!!

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