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Garindan 04-04-2001 08:36 PM

I beat jedi knight!
Jerec only regenerated (did the indian style) twice, but i beat him!!! yeah!!! i killed the 2 kell dragons that were trying to eat me too. It was funny seeing it all in 3d and big instead of all choppy on my 486.

JediKnight_114[b] 04-05-2001 01:28 AM

Congrats. Now all you have to do is beat the entire game using only the lightsaber and you will almost be as perfect as me at it You dont realize how much you snipe from a distance until you can't anymore. Great fun.

The Force will be with you...Always.

paulbarnard 04-05-2001 02:47 AM

Hmmmm. And you're making levels...very interesting.

Blackandy 04-08-2001 02:23 PM

You can kill Jerec in the first fight ( I did) by beating him by the statues and force running s he trys to run away and hitting him with the sabre three times, then he dies.

BeastMaster 04-08-2001 05:10 PM

My tactics for facing Jerec are

(1) Try to stay between him and the column. This way, he has to get past me to regenerate.

(2) After Jerec's gone up the tower and I stop the statues, the trick becomes keeping him in the regeneration chamber at the tower's top. The only ways Jerec will leave is if you push him out or if he follows you when you leave; if you keep the duel up there, he won't regenerate again.

The hardest duel in the game is Boc the Bouncing Lunatic, IMHO --because he doesn't stand and fight.

"The Beasts know much that we do not." -Ancient Jedi proverb

StormHammer 04-08-2001 06:46 PM

Boc and me had a jumping match

I agree Boc is tough, but all the more enjoyable for that.

And I agree with JediKnight_114 - you haven't really played a tough game until you've limited yourself to close-quarters combat with the lightsaber. Although I did try once to get through most of the game (except the duels) with just my fists. Ouch.

It's better attempting that on the Medium difficulty setting though - more medkits and shields to pick up.

JediKnight_114[b] 04-09-2001 12:49 AM

Damn right Storm Hammer, If you can't beat it with saber only, you haven't beat the game. The next time, I will try saber only and no force for the entire game.

Also, a way to test your skill: Go to a heavily enemy populated level and see how many kills you can get in 5 minutes. My first try, I played level 6 I think and got 50 kills. Saber only of course. It helps if you have someone to count your kills.

Happy Gaming

The Force will be with you...Always.

oninosensi 04-11-2001 01:38 AM

I found once Jeric is regenerating in the top of the collum, a few quick blasts from the conc rifle will knock him out of his regen attempt early.

Master of Demons, Defender of Underworlds

BeastMaster 04-12-2001 04:17 PM


Originally posted by StormHammer:
Boc and me had a jumping match
My favourite way to kill Boc (without using telekinesis):

Spin and slash for a few moments at the beginning (to get Boc to step away from you), then start running wildly around the basin.

After a moment, run into the doorway Jan exited through and use invisibility ("Persuasion") before Boc can round the corner. A little ways down the coridor is an alcove where a statue used to be (the statue's now scattered on the floor).

Step into the alcove and let Boc (who doesn't have Force Sight) hop past you, then step out and start slashing him from behind (or use a conc blast if you can).

Lure him back into the corridor as soon as possible; the low ceiling prevents him from jumping.

"The Beasts know much that we do not." -Ancient Jedi proverb

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