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Garindan 04-22-2001 12:57 AM

Best Darth Maul skin?
Where can i dload the best one, i would like a cloaked one as well as an unhooded one.

Kurgan 04-22-2001 11:59 AM

You could check Al MacDonald's many skins he's done in the past or the more recent ones. I'm sure he's made some nice Darth Maul skins you'd like. ; )

Otherwise, just wait for the TPM TC to finish up their's...


Garindan 04-22-2001 01:05 PM

Well, i went ahead and got almost all the skin packs i could find. Now i just need to get my cdr and tranfer them to my own computer. I hope i don't gotta make mat and 3do folders

Garindan 04-22-2001 02:57 PM

YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! All the skins are in patches so i don't have to do them manually anymore!!!!!!

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