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Crys 05-04-2001 01:12 AM

New guy

I was cleaning out my computer desk a while back and found my copy of JK - I forgot how much fun this game is.

I never really got into mods and patches, or even multi-player games that much, but in the short time I've been playing it again I'm really getting into it.

I've been lurking here and reading some of the older posts, and I just wanted to say that I hope to become a regular.


Pedro The Hutt 05-04-2001 10:51 AM

Becoming a regular could take a while. Just ask all the current regulars.

I am your father.

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oninosensi 05-04-2001 02:31 PM

I recomend fiber- lots of fibe-

oh wait-

Jump in anywhere, at any time, and welcome!

Master of Demons, Defender of Underworlds

Chiles4 05-04-2001 03:45 PM

Yeah, JK is timeless. Even though it's kinda old it's still a blast to play. Next time I replay it, after I finish MotS, I'm gonna run it at 1280x1024 with 2x FSAA.
If you enjoy JK, download some of the excellent single-player "missions" that can be found at or Always good to have another player on the boards!

Boba Rhett 05-04-2001 05:42 PM

HI!! Welcome to the forums. If you wanna get into editing jk just call me and i'll help.

Crys 05-04-2001 05:55 PM

Wow thanks for the positive replies!

Thanks Booba - I may take you up on that

Chiles4 - I'm downloading some now

BeastMaster 05-04-2001 07:50 PM

Welcome, kid.


Originally posted by Crys:
Thanks Booba
I wish I'd thought of that.

"The Beasts know much that we do not." -Ancient Jedi proverb

Boba Rhett 05-04-2001 11:12 PM

Very funny guys. :b


I calculated the odds that this would work versus the odds that I was doing something incredibly stupid...and I went ahead anyway.

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