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nubby 05-30-2002 04:13 AM

Good west coast servers?
Anyone know of any good west coast servers that have most of the skins, maps etc.

The best one used to be named Bantha Poodu but it doesnt have any new models.

PRAXEUM 05-30-2002 04:26 AM

West Coast

KnightHawk's Saber Only FFA
Server Version: 1.03a

We also support the following skins:

5d6, absath, admiral, anakin, aurra, black wolf, black_wolf, buuzza, clonetrooper, darthmaul, dooku, dragonland_sith, ep1_obi-wan, eskape, jonathanodell_darthmaul, mace windu, mandalorian, maul deluxe, mooncurser, nakedtav, obiwan, pad, solo, thecrow, vader +more

No attacking someone with they're saber down
Lightning is disabled
No spammers
No Excessive use of the backstab or backswing...
Any and all Ass-fighters are kicked on sight.

All standarad maps, plus episode 1 ffa(duel of the fates) and padstation..


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