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LuzArius 05-31-2002 03:00 AM

V1.02 = Advanced Players V1.03 = For Newbies
Was 1.03 a joke? lol

Thank god there are still servers that do 1.02 lol


Aylnon 05-31-2002 03:31 AM

HA! This thread is the joke! Allow me to elaborate:

1.02 - The big thing I saw here was the heavy stance. DFA, long slow, boring, tedious battles between two people just swinging and running away. Yawn. Ok, occasionally there were medium/light stance users, but rarely was there EVER a light stance user. Why? Red was the winner, or yellow (typically the duelers would agree not to use heavy) Pathetic, slow, boring. No skill required, just quick hack and slash attacks, trying to get the first shot in to ensure a kill. Very mundane, very predictable.

1.03 - Now you need to think. This is what people hate. Instead of being able to say "You shoulda rolled/jumped outta the way! Haha!" They now have to realize that their opponent out thought them. Heaven forbid that minds be used in a FPS. I have dueled plenty of people who flame me for blocking them for the first minute of the match, and then beat them into the dirt.

Analasys: 1.02 the wild erratic slasher's game. 1.03 is for those who you technique and their minds.

Demise_SOK 05-31-2002 05:41 AM

Alynon- you must only play on duel servers to not understand how gimped much of other the MP games have become since this patch. You also seem to have a serious hair across your ass about heavy stance and the old version of DFA. I am sorry that you never truly learned how to defend against heavy style or step out of the path of the previously overpowered DFA.

Ok, with that out of the way, let's discuss how de-skilled most of the servers that you don't seem to play on have become since 1.03.

On a saber-only CTF server, using speed and absorb I can capture and score flags in 20-30 seconds thanks to the 1.03 'bl00bie' autoblocking. Flag 'whoring' is the norm in most saber-only CTF now since the options for killing a flag carrier have decreased to backstabbing. Hell, backstab is the central move used by everyone in CTF (except the noobies who are always asking how to do it). People used to spam DFA but not 24/7 like backstab. In patch 1.02 sabers did alot more damage and because of this duking it out with sabers was more effective for skilled players than constantly using finishers. Slowly, since 1.03 went live servers have begun to remove or limit force powers because of their inbalance- this means something is seriously wrong with patch 1.03 in my mind.

In saber-only FFA, there have always been ass fighters- no problem in 1.02 since a couple swings of the saber could kill them. In 1.02 if you bent over your defenses were alot weaker. Now, with autoblocking and less saber damage they can hang around for alot more time- running around crouched over looking to backstab into a group. Hell, backstab is the central move used by everyone in FFA (except the noobies who are always asking how to do it). People used to spam DFA but not 24/7 like backstab. In patch 1.02 sabers did alot more damage and because of this duking it out with sabers was more effective for skilled players than constantly using finishers. Slowly, since 1.03 went live servers have begun to remove or limit force powers because of their inbalance- this means something is seriously wrong with patch 1.03 in my mind.

Probably the least popular MP game is 'Jedi-Master'. I used to play this for a change of pace sometimes. Last couple times I played I saw one tactic- when someone became Jedi-Master... force pull all the opponents onto the floor, turn and backstab the whole lot of them. Fun, huh?!

Jeeee... was some of my post repetative? Well, it is meant to be since as you can see all these various MP games have turned very, very repetative.

Now that you might be somewhat enlightened to how other JKII MP games have been affected by the game outside of your prescious duel servers I hope you might see the larger problem here.

They should have just changed DFA so you couldn't twirl in the middle of it (they claim they made it so people wouldn't die walking over 'burried' sabers- as far as I can tell people still die walking over the burried saber), never implimented this idea that sabers only do max damage at 'full arch' (something I believe is bugged) and not lowered damage or raised blocking. I found play under those rules alot more fast paced and enjoyable and yes I not only had to THINK, I had to be really careful with timing or I had a good chance of being dead.

The other night, I was using heavy stance in a duel with someone who went into a med. twirl just out of range, I went into the swing and landed a heavy stance blow at full extension, mid-swing (when under the new gimp saber damage rules I am suppose to do full damage) right on the person as he was recovering from the twirl. I went on to lose the duel to a well timed backstab from my opponent and asked how much damage the heavy stance blow had done. The guy told me it was barely noticable. This is just one example of how well timed regular swings and strategies are just not rewarded in patch 1.03.

Wew.. long post. I am sure I didn't get all frustration out either after reading your ignorant post Aylnon.

BlackDove 05-31-2002 06:16 AM

1.03 is the official, I play the official...

Sukooru 05-31-2002 06:32 AM

Aylnon, I agree with you on your points regarding 1.02

1.03 is not a whole lot better, but it is better in some aspects. One huuugee problem with 1.02 was the fullpower stance was basically 'it'. From lunges having that huge invisible radius to the right hand swings basically being the best way to kill someone.

Don't tell me that I never fought a good medium or weak stance player back in 1.02, that's simply not the case. I fought countless players and at least 95% of the experience ones used fullpower stance.

The problem with 1.03 is force pull + backswing. Another problem is excessive kicking in the hands of an experience played.

How does a player counter kicks? They can if they stay away from their opponent and be elusive, but I mean where's the fast paced saber battle (that Raven is aiming for) then? I think I can vouch for a lot of people when I say you shouldn't be afraid to swing your saber at certain players at all times because they are going to kick you down when you do or pull you down.

Certain players don't even swing their sabers. All they do is kick and attempt to pull you down and once that is accomplished they just kill you with a backswing. Raven needs to change this. The goal of 1.03 was to make the game more based on fast pace saber battles that would last more than 10 or 15 seconds. Ironically the game is in the same state as 1.02, which is the game is still full of one hit wonders. Fast paced saber battles only exist on servers that are specifically setup for them.


I don't see how someone can call 1.03 n00b and 1.02 for the 'good' players, though. Do all the 'good' players require the invisible radius in fullpower lunge? :P



Don't get me wrong. I don't think they should take kicks or backswings out of the game, they just need to be tweaked. In the movie you don't see Jedi pulling people down over and over or kicking excessively. There should be timers or something. ;p

grandmasterlee 05-31-2002 06:39 AM

Why argue? 1.03 killed JK2.

Mero Vilul 05-31-2002 09:26 AM


Originally posted by grandmasterlee
Why argue? 1.03 killed JK2.
No, bad support killed JK2.

Vader10 05-31-2002 09:29 AM

What a bunch of whiney lamers. 1.02 is gone. Live with it. Adapt and stfu.

Soul-Burn 05-31-2002 09:58 AM

Actually, about half of the servers are still running 1.02... so it's not gone........

Fact is, the saber are now TOTALY unreal. A real (movie-wise) lightsaber hitting someone in the back full strength should absolutly kill someone. Here it's auto-blocked or does something like 40 damage.

From the movies, you can see that 2-3 hits should kill someone but most of them get blocked... Here you need to hit about 7 times to kill someone (while he's still blocking)....

1.02 wasn't best, but 1.03 is worse imo...

Atleast in 1.02 you could think and time your moves so that u'r swing will go thru u'r enemy while he's swinging you and you could nail him (yellow stance user here)...

Here it's best to either throw all the time, backstab or simply attack like a maniac.

That doesn't require much skill now does it?

stellerwinds 05-31-2002 10:19 AM

1.02 was heavy stand DFA spam. Run away, no skill.

1.03 now involves thinking but its insane how many hits it takes to kill someone

Face it, the mechanics have not been done right yet. And i doubt they ever will be until a player designs it.

There are so many idiotic game mechanic issues that just blaming only saber isnt enough. For instance why should should someone be able to block with his saber at all while he is running full speed? Especially from attacks from behind. And then there is the idiocy of being able to run full speed backwards while firing your super quick repeater explosisions at someone with a saber that cant even catch up to you. If only the storm troopers would have done that against luke they would have been fine.

Broode 05-31-2002 10:42 AM

1.02 was all running, trying to score that lucky hit or 2 that would kill someone.
1.03 is more closed in, more blocking, more hits needed to kill, buggerloads more balenced between the saber styles, much more like the movies.

Im not saying 1.03 is perfect. Backslash is too powerful, but at least that means all the stances have a 1 hit kill move now. What im saying is 1.03 is what JK2 shold have been, 1.02 was Raven caving in to the demands of the JK'er. Lance battles basically, running into each other to score that hit or 2 that would kill, kills too fast paced for the saber enthusiast.

I dont care how this game is balenced in FFA or CTF, i bought this game to lightsaber duel, and thats what im going to do.

Inviction 05-31-2002 11:27 AM


How sad, you all asked for fixes and that DFA whoreing was lame, now ur whining to bring it back basicaly

/me giggles

Perhaps Raven dont wanna make a patch, cos all they do is get flamed for the ones they do make, perhaps if WE show some support they can fix your whining

Locke101 05-31-2002 11:55 AM

Mero Vilul. i would have to agree with you. I have noticed that Raven gives much more support and input to games that they made up! IE: SOF2. They are never on these forums anymore and we have had no SDK yet since the reelase of JK2. the SDK for SOF2 came out like 1 day after the full game did! Raven seems to favor certain games. This is what happens when companies ask other companies to make games for them....Lucasarts you should of made the game, maybe we would of had better support. On the other hand, you probably would only of used a supped up Jedi Knight engine....JMO

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