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starkid 05-10-2001 07:41 PM

Dark Forces III
I believe that Dark Forces III is go to be annouced tommarow at E3!!! Here's what I think it is going to be about:

Title- Dark Forces III: Jedi Master
Time- 10 years after Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
Story: Kyle Katarn has married Jan Ors and have a son named Rahn Katarn. Kyle has go on some mission to save the galaxy from enemies.

Pedro The Hutt 05-10-2001 09:20 PM

Maybe, maybe not.
My guess is: X-Wing Alliance: Imperial edition: Gamecube version.

I am your father.

BeastMaster 05-10-2001 09:20 PM


Originally posted by starkid:
Story: Kyle Katarn has married Jan Ors
<FONT SIZE = "7">FINALLY!!!</font>

Sorry; I just had to get that out of my system.

"The Beasts know much that we do not." -Ancient Jedi proverb

BeastMaster 05-10-2001 09:22 PM

And, thoroughly OT: Kurgan, why is HTML sometimes enabled and sometimes not?

"The Beasts know much that we do not." -Ancient Jedi proverb

Boba Rhett 05-10-2001 10:36 PM

So he can randomly embaress someone.

Kurgan 05-10-2001 11:51 PM

Yes, so I can randomly.. heh no.

Actually at one time it served a purpose, in that it was to prevent people from using tons of scripts and crap in certain well used forums.

Now I'm not sure what the reason is. I could change it if enough folks wanted to. I think for most purposes, UBB is faster to type anyway.

As to being announced at E3, there's about another WEEK until the convention. And it's three days long, so we'd still have to wait a bit.

Last year LEC made some announcements at the TAIL END of the show, that they didn't tell us when we were there, so who knows.


JediKnight_114[b] 05-11-2001 03:49 AM

Well, Maybe, just maybe, LEC has decided to change their ways and actually make fans happy. Hopefully they have just saved Jedi Knight II or Dark Forces III or whatever until last.
Ya, know, first they announce all the crappy titles and ports and stuff, then, just when the fans have almost lost all faith in them, they announce the most anticipated title ever.
That way, they hold on to their fan base by proving that their heads aren't permanently wedged up their @sses

The Force will be with you...Always.

ReAcToR 05-11-2001 11:04 AM

I'm crossing my fingers for ANY FPS at all, but I'm not counting on it.


starkid 05-11-2001 07:37 PM

thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

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