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MaTrIx1645 05-22-2001 01:21 AM

Jedi Knight Problems
I was wondering if you guys could help me out with a little problem I'm having. I just upgraded my 3d card to a Riva TNT2 32 mb and I'm also running Windows ME. Anyway, whenever I try to run Jedi Knight it just goes straight to a blank screen, it won't even go to the intro. Does anyone know of a patch that I can download or settings that I can change? Any help will be appreciated. I've tried changing every setting that I can think of. . .but nothing has helped yet.


Boba Rhett 05-22-2001 04:06 PM

When i got a new card I had to reinstall several games. You might wanna try that. Also, what mode is your card running in? Opengl, glide, direct3d? Try changing some of your cards settings too.

Kurgan 05-22-2001 05:53 PM

If you go to Yoda's Help Desk at you can look up patches for games.

JK has the 1.01 patch, and you might as well install it, but it may not make a difference.

Is JK the only 3d game you have problems with? You might simply need to reinstall the game (might work).

Some other things you could try, would be to make sure you are using a stable and recent version of DirectX (I used 5.0, 6.1, 7.0a and 8.0 with JK and never had problems). You could also install the latest drivers for your video card and see if that helps.

You can also check out the help files and troubleshooting for JK at Yoda's Help Desk.


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