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Taggis 05-27-2001 06:55 PM

How do I become Dark Jedi?
I'm playing through the game for the first time, and I want to be a Dark Jedi, but after the battle with Maw, I always wind up as Light Jedi! So my question is: How the heck do I become Dark Jedi?

Boba Rhett 05-27-2001 07:36 PM

You have to be down right nasty throughout the whole game. Killing padestrians and putting your force stars on sith powers.

paulbarnard 05-28-2001 04:08 AM


Originally posted by Boba Rhett:
<STRONG> putting your force stars on sith powers.</STRONG>
That's really the trick. and remember, in MotS, you're considered lightside anyways.

StormHammer 05-28-2001 05:58 AM

I have only one thing to add...

Kill them...all of them...

including the mouse bots - good target practice :D

GonkH8er 05-28-2001 06:32 AM

and kill the gonks! all of them!!!!!!!!!!

paulbarnard 06-04-2001 02:44 AM

If it moves, shoot it. If it doesn't, use a thermal detenator or a mine or rail charge.

Darth Oosha 06-05-2001 10:22 AM

After I beat the game on the Light Side, I skipped through to the first level where Light and Dark powers were available, and put all my stars on the Dark powers, but that didn't work. Killing civilians is the key.

WD ToRMeNt 06-07-2001 01:50 AM


Garindan 06-07-2001 02:41 PM

use sithlord cheat.

ESE_Sithlord 06-21-2001 07:05 AM

Basically Kill everything in Site that moves these people dont know how Dark Jedi work or how to become one.

If you kill allot of people yet miss allot of them and ya put stars on Sith powers ya can still turn to the light side.

Bascially Kill everything that moves and place ya stars on the Sith powers

brashin99451 07-19-2001 09:28 PM


Originally posted by StormHammer:
<STRONG>I have only one thing to add...

Kill them...all of them...

including the mouse bots - good target practice :D</STRONG>
if youre going to try to quote someone say the same thing they said.

BeastMaster 07-20-2001 10:39 PM


Kill them all.
--Planet of the Apes.

MadPoster 07-21-2001 07:41 PM

Guess the origin of my quote!


ESE_Sithlord 07-22-2001 03:05 PM

Now there getting it yes ya leave nothing standing ya Kill them all leave no one alive.

BeastMaster 07-23-2001 11:58 AM

MadPoster's quote comes from Army of Darkness.

I know it because someone paraphrased it over on the Buffy newsgroup.


Good. Bad. I'm the girl with the stake.

ESE_Sithlord 07-23-2001 05:06 PM

thats all that matters just kill them all too bad ya cant turn to the DS in JKO that would have been cool. But Oh well

Gabrobot 07-23-2001 05:24 PM

I guess he can't turn to the dark side because he's already turned to dark side then back the light side and turning back to the dark side would be too many times or something.

heh heh, I love blasting through that one village level, level 4 I think. :D :D ;)
And I think the more you go to the dark side the more each non-enemy kill effects your force thingy.

ESE_Sithlord 07-24-2001 02:32 PM

still I wish ya had the scale to rate ya force like in JK.

mivoci1 11-10-2006 09:13 PM

Look first kill every civilian,droid and your enemies on Baron's Hed Mission you'll find most of civilians so load up your gun and blast everything in sight also place stars on force throw that will lead you down the dark path or use cheat sithlord

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