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Darth Graber 05-27-2001 09:29 PM

Jed questions
Me and Jedi Obi are trying to edit a JK level. When we make a sector, it shows up in the 3DO preview, but when we play the level in JK, the sectors don't show up. For example, we had a door to a room, but when we played it in JK, it was just a door is space (there was no room). How do we make sectors show up???

Kurgan 05-27-2001 10:50 PM

You need to make sure you adjoin the sectors properly. See tutorials on "adjoining" at Massassi for example.


Boba Rhett 05-27-2001 11:07 PM

In other game editors, all you have to do is drag the sectors together to make them connect. In JED, you must either line them up perfectly and hit the "A" button, Overlap them and hit "J" or you can select one of the sectors walls and hit "X".

1. Hitting "A" will cause them to adjoin.
2. Hitting "J" will make jed automatically carve the sectors to match each other and then join them.
3. Hitting "X" will cause the wall you have selected to be extruded. Thus creating a new sector. :)

If you need anymore help, don't be shy. I'm board and I like helping. ;)

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