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Bonfire 01-25-2001 12:23 AM

MOTS secret level(?)
ok, i have read and followed the posted intructions to make the secret level to work, but yet, it still refuses to....
why? oh why can't i play Bespin.....

how do i get this to work, all the files have been made into the .goo format and all that other stuff,

please help!!!!!

your friendly neighbour hood Bonfire

Boba Rhett 01-25-2001 12:44 AM

You put the goo files in the MotS Episode folder. Are you sure you did everything correctly? BTW the secret level is awsome

Garindan 01-25-2001 02:59 PM

I keep 4getting to check out that level!!! *goes off to check out the secret level*

oh, rhett, i checked out the level you made, pretty neat! I liked the stargate thing you did, it'd look better in blue though.

Garindan 01-25-2001 03:24 PM

ok, i tried the secret level, and i too can't get it to come up in the new level select thing. maybe i accidentally made it a gob...

Garindan 01-25-2001 04:10 PM

oh well, it didn't work 4 me either. I did everything it said!

Kurgan 01-25-2001 05:30 PM

Try Zorton's page, it gives a pretty good explanation:


Garindan 01-25-2001 05:41 PM

LOL I did that already! It didn't work. I gave up. Can you show me how to make the view distance away from the player in 3rd person view? I need it for my AT-ST level...

Zortron 01-26-2001 12:42 PM

Holy Smokes!
Hi There,
I thought my instructions were actually pretty good, you might have to slow down a bit and actually take time to read them. Follow each step carefully and don't skip any. If you are still having probs, just fire me an e-mail and I'll get the thing working for you...that's a promise.

Take Care,
Gary (Zortron)

Garindan 01-26-2001 03:02 PM

hey, i know you, aren't you that guy from

I'll figure it out eventually. I've been busilty working on my some nice things 4 the level pack...

Bonfire 01-26-2001 09:13 PM

ok, thanks for your help thus far, i'm slowly figuring this out, now here we go....

1)i assume that the episode.jkl file has to be "outside" (if you will) of the goo file as well as within it? i find that the game dose not recognize that anything is there, but if the episode file is "exposed", it will disply BESPIN on the episode menu in the game....i am so lost....

and 2) i think i am missing this extention.cog file, what ever that may be, so were would i find that?

thanks all,

your friendly neighbourhood Bonfire

Kurgan 01-26-2001 10:04 PM

I swear I've gotten it to work. But of course I didn't place any of the files into a Goo, just put them in a directory loose. However there is no reason why it should NOT work in Goo format.. did you try it with Patch Commander?


Boba Rhett 01-27-2001 01:52 AM

Maybe I should upload the level. Anyone want me to?

Bonfire 01-27-2001 03:28 AM

patch commander? very intreging, but i don't see how that would work.
and i have never thought of trying them lose...

hmmm. i wonder...

thanks all..

your friendly neighbourhood Bonfire

Kurgan 01-27-2001 07:13 AM

Scratch that.. actually all PC would do is say "this is a level, it should go in episode" and then it will ask you if you want to put it in the episode folder.

But you can run it in a command line.. like so:

Put the Goo file into its own sub folder in the MotS directory. Then in a DOS box or at the run command prompt, type:

c:\MOTSFolderName\jkm.exe -path SecretLevel

Where "SecretLevel" is the name of the directory you put the Goo in.

Then it should load up with the file. If that doesn't work, then I don't know.. you shouldn't have to do that, it should be selectable from the menu after you select "Single Player" if you installed it correctly.

Btw, go ahead and upload the level and post a link.. if not, I will tomorrow when I get a chance.


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Zortron 01-27-2001 09:04 AM

HI all,

Gee, you guys are having a hard time with that thing eh? Well here's a link to the secret level that I put together:
I have provided this file so that you can have a template to make your own. First, unzip it and stick it in your MotS/Episode directory. Run the game, select new game, select "MotS Secret Level", and have fun. All the cogs are working in this version but it hasn't been edited in Jed or anything like that (opening the file in Jed before trying to play it will ensure that it doesn't work without putting a lot of work into it ). Anyway, check it out, see where you have gone wrong, then have fun playing the game.

Take Care.
Gary (Zortron)

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Kurgan 01-27-2001 06:16 PM

Thanks for your help Zorton. ; )


Darth_Chaos 01-28-2001 08:59 PM

Hey Bonfire you stole my Quit Message (or at least an old one)!!! ask next time please.

"your friendly neighbourhood Bonfire"
mine used to be
"Your friendly neighboorhood Sith Lord
Chaos" and now its:

Your Local Sith Lord

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oninosensi 01-29-2001 06:39 PM

I didn't know about the secret level untill i saw this post, but i got it up and running in about 15 minutes following Zortron's instructions.

The level is sweet, although I think Boba Fett should have been a tougher opponent. And fighting on the catwalk was cool as well.

"I see", said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw.

Bonfire 01-30-2001 09:35 PM

sorry dude i had no idea it used to be yours, i thought i was just copying everyones favorite webslinger...i'm trying to come up with a better one but till then, i hope you don't mind me using it.

your friendly neighbourhood (^Bonfire^)

Garindan 01-30-2001 11:05 PM

I'm dloading it right now.

it's done dloading!

i'm off to go chek it out!


Garindan 01-31-2001 12:44 AM

And it works!!! Thank you!!!!

It's such an awesome level!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scepter 02-06-2001 11:11 PM

Neat level. I was getting bored and then I saw the action. Quite fun.

Jedi Master Scepter - The Other Who Brings Balance to the Force.

Bonfire 02-09-2001 02:31 PM

well now i'm getting somewere....
i downloaded the level that Zortron put up, put it in the episodes and ran MOTS, to my painful displeasure the program still did not know it was there. I have no idea what to do next..perhaps i should reinstall...

your Friendly neighbourhood Bonfire

Boba Rhett 02-09-2001 02:44 PM

Are you sure you put it in the right folder?
The Episode one? Was the file you downloaded a gob file?

Bonfire 02-09-2001 07:58 PM

the folder is the correct one and the file is deffinitly a goo file...*to those who have played the level*, does the secret level read from the cd?

your friendly neighbourhood Bonfire

Kurgan 02-09-2001 10:26 PM

No, the Secret Level does not read from the CD. The zip file that contains the level is simply stored on it (UNSUPPORTED.ZIP).

It reads from your hard drive (Resource\Episode\ folder), just like any other addon level.


Bonfire 02-11-2001 02:45 AM

hmm...well that limits my problems only one thing i can think of...

i don't have JK2, only MOTS, this is done (as i'm sure you know) by using a crack that fools the program into thinking that the MOTS cd is there. could this be what is hampering my ability to play this level?

your friendly neighbourhood Bonfire

Zortron 02-16-2001 03:43 PM

Hi Bonfire,
Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with the hidden level. The only other thing I can think of (if you have already followed the posted steps very carefully), is that you might just have too much junk in your MotS directory. Do you have all kinds of add-ons and mods on your system? If you have any other files related to the hidden level in your MotS subdirectories the game might not be loading the correct (.goo 'ed) version of the file). Another thing you can try (I haven't tried this) is to download my version of the level and use the patch commander to run it. I don't know if this will work but it might be worth a try.
Anyway, let us know if you have any luck.

Take Care,
Gary (Zortron)

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