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Tobster 02-04-2001 06:34 AM

probs putting stars on forces?
Hi all - thought mabye I'm doing something wrong and you might be able to help. In running JK DFII (v1.1 after the patch), I can't seem to assign my whopping 2 stars to my only option - Force Speed. I can click on the force speed icon, and I see the 2 stars at the bottom. I'm expecting a star to pop up on the line next to Force Speed when I left click my mouse on the icon. Is that not right?

Without that, level 6 is about impossible AFAI can tell.

Thanks for any assist. So far getting this thing running with my MS Sidewinder FF pro has not been very productive.


Kurgan 02-04-2001 09:56 AM

I don't think anything is wrong with the game.

I'm assuming that at this stage in the game you earned these stars from getting all the secrets in the level, correct?

See the way JK works is that you are normally awarded stars automatically, (ie: you go up in rank) which is every few levels. In addition, you can gain "bonus" stars by getting all the secrets on a given level. In the early stages, your rank is so low that it prevents you from having the mana you need to actually use the powers.

Even if you're so good that you get all the secrets, those stars are more like brownie points for now (later they will help you in the long run though).

So what you end up having to do is basically wait until you go up in rank to use the extra stars and have them actually affect your powers. I know it kind of sucks, but they want you to get a feel for the game (I suppose) before you go flying through with god-like powers. I know the early levels are possible to beat without cheating (and consequently without Force).

Good luck...


Tobster 02-04-2001 04:54 PM

I don't expect to be a god yet, but without that force speed, I don't really think I can quite conquer level 6 - the part where the 2 bridges come together and you have to run really fast to get over them.

I looked around and found a walkthru of level 6 and they say you'll have to use the speed there too. Sure looks that way to me.

Maybe I'll get lucky and make it without the force speed, but I've tried quite a few times with no luck.


Kurgan 02-04-2001 08:55 PM

Hmm, well then perhaps I'm wrong. I figured if it didn't let you assign stars to a force power, then you lacked the rank to get it.

But how would they prevent you from going up in rank if you needed those stars?

Unless you cheated and skipped a level somewhere along the line, you should be able to assign stars (and if the strategy guide says you should use speed, they assume you have it already).

Before you read any further, these are just my suggestions, I'd make a backup of your saved game just in case:

Try this (save your game first just in case) and then hit the "T" key and type "deeznuts" without quotes. This will increase your rank. But if you don't have stars already assigned, you'd have to cheat big time to get speed with stars. Hmm..

You could also try rocket jumping across.
I dunno.. Maybe restart the last level and see if you missed anything or if it was just a fluke. And try again to reassign those stars. Keep in mind that you can only assign stars to force BETWEEN levels (not during). Of course if you absolutely have to have speed to beat that level you should have it already.


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