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Jk Team Battle 07-06-2001 07:11 AM

Jedi Knight Team Battle Pre-Alpha release
Yes thats right, The JKTB TC has a pre-alpha release. here is what is included:

Desert Eagle
M3 Shotgun
Sig 552
Arctic Warfare Rifle
Vulcan Minigun

Other Features
Reginal Damage, ie. headshots and chest shots
Muzzle flash
Under water breathing system
Reloading and clips for the guns

Cons and Bugs
No gun sounds
Only 4 completed external gun meshes
No powerups done
Unfinished Key animations

our webpage:

if you can't access that just go straight here:

and here is a screenshot of the m3 shotgun:
ot the image here:

if you have any questions/bugs/suggestions/comments please go to out forums and post there... they are currently down but should be up tomorr

oninosensi 07-09-2001 01:14 PM

Have you gotten past that nasty lag caused by autofire in MP?

BeastMaster 07-09-2001 04:36 PM

Or how 'bout the corrupt zip that made winzip throw a fit. :rolleyes:

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