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ReaperFett 07-25-2001 05:22 PM

Wheres the skin machine?
I remember months back, something was made which made skin making simple. I didnt DL it then, and now cant find it. ANyone know where it is?

MadPoster 07-25-2001 07:15 PM

Skin making? you mean pron?

ReaperFett 07-25-2001 07:20 PM

no, quite sure It was skin making

Boba Rhett 07-25-2001 07:22 PM

Bah, it maybe saves you 45 seconds and it's a hefty dl so I suggest you just skip it and stick to extracting.

ReaperFett 07-25-2001 07:36 PM

I thought it made it a lot easier and quicker (I dont have a clue)

oninosensi 07-26-2001 03:11 PM

Well, if it don't work.

BeastMaster 07-27-2001 12:22 AM

Skinning is already pretty easy; even I can do it.

<small>And yes, those two skins I've been working on for the past year are still in progress, I just need some spare time.</small>

BeastMaster 07-27-2001 12:24 AM

*is not impressed*

Kurgan. . .

Where did my HTML go?

I had it a few minutes ago in another topic.

MadPoster 07-30-2001 07:33 PM

We hide it from you.

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