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Dragon 02-11-2001 01:32 AM

one on one play
My friend and i are trying to play mots against each other. I have a cable modem and my friend has a phone modem. We tried to do the TCP/IP address thing and we get to the searching point but we can never find each others games. He is on the internet and i have a permanent IP address so why won't it work!! We tried so many different thing and it still won't work if anyone can help please tell us. We would like to avoid using the zone or anyhting similar to that if at all possible.


"Strong in the force am I, but not that strong!" - Yoda

Kurgan 02-11-2001 02:28 AM

You must make sure that the person hosting the game has given his IP address to the other person.

Ie: if you are hosting the game, tell your current IP address to everyone who wishes to join. They must do so over TCP/IP (if you are hosting using this protocol) and type in the exact ip address, in the form:


In order to find your IP address, in Windows, go "Start" then "Run" and type:


then hit Enter. It will display your IP address. That is the number they need to put in.

If they are stuck at "searching" for more than a few minutes, something is probably wrong. Perhaps they are behind a firewall or something.


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Dragon 02-17-2001 01:14 AM

Thanks Kurgan. I think that he is behind a firewall becasue we tried it on qtracker and he can't do anything there.


"Strong in the force am I, but not that strong!" - Yoda

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