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Joao 02-11-2001 07:21 PM

S.O.S - Jedi Knight - The Palace in the Tower - S.O.S
I am in level 6. I am inside the building that has an elevator or passage to the tower of the palace. there is a closed room and tow doors on the ceilling. There are tow sides and a bridge connecting them. The brigde is movable.

I tried to jump into the room throught the window but i didn't work.

I tried to get to the superior level by jumpping from a bridge to the doors on the ceilling but i does not work.

I dont know how to get to the superior level.

Darth_Chaos 02-12-2001 09:16 PM

Anybody wanna take this one, or do you want me to?

Boba Rhett 02-12-2001 09:30 PM

You better take this one. I haven't played jk just for fun in like 2 monthes.

Kurgan 02-13-2001 08:50 AM

Okay, try this:

Hit the switch on the one sidewall, then run across the moving "platform" and to the opposite side and throw the switch on that end. You should hear a rumbling and a new spot will open up. Tuck yourself into a little spot and move on...

Let me know if this helps you. I might be way off base, but it sounds familiar.


paulbarnard 02-13-2001 06:05 PM

Sounds familiar...have to go down to go up.

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