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oninosensi 02-18-2001 12:50 AM

Cool SP levels
What are some of the cool SP levels y'all like? Mind you, I don't care for long cutscenes- or alot of small ones, to me they just interfer with gameplay.

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Boba Rhett 02-18-2001 04:25 AM

Well. thye have cutscenes but they rock so make sure and get, "for MotS" BoaM1,BoaM2,BoaM3,Toam1, and Leeza Destiny.
For JK get all levels that have the word siege in them

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Kurgan 02-19-2001 12:04 AM

The "Yugrin" series of levels for MotS (I think it was MotS) was interesting.

Of course everybody lauds the "Warzone" series for JK as some of the coolest ever, and they have some legitimacy to those claims. ; )

There's plenty out there I haven't played. I just got through downloading a few hundred levels off of Massassi (and their hosted page Admiral's Command Chamber) plus the files from HyperView and JK Academy here on, so I have a lot of levels to sort through!


Garindan 02-20-2001 03:01 PM

i thought the leeza's destiny was a pretty cool level pack. lots of new 3dos and weapons.

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