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StormHammer 02-24-2000 07:57 PM

Are there any BOTS for Jedi Knight?
I've done a bit of searching, but I can't find any reference to BOTS. Does Jedi Knight, or one of the numerous mods, support bots? If so, how do I get hold of them?

If there is no BOT support, is there anyone out there trying to figure out a way to implement it? I know JK is showing it's age, but I still play it all the way through as a single player game. I hardly ever play online (the telephone bills are too costly in the UK - for me at any rate). I think a deathmatch against intelligent BOTS would suit me quite well.

If it's not viable now, perhaps if LEC ever do decide to make Dark Forces III they'll include it then.

Having played Unreal Tournament, I am pretty impressed with the level of intelligence exhibited by those BOTS. If only all enemies in all FPS games were as cunning, devious, quick, and sadistic

Just a thought

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LDB_Leeman 02-24-2000 08:31 PM

I've been unsuccessful in searches for Bots for JK too. Like you, I'm from the UK, and so am reluctant to play online (although it is fun).

Bots would be a great addition, but whether they're actually possible is beyond me.

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Darth Kurgan 02-24-2000 09:56 PM

They're possible.. nothing's really impossible with JK, it just hasn't been perfected yet.

Reluctant to play online.. why?

It's free.. and you don't have to use the Zone, you can host games on IP and post on the IP boards on this site.. and tell people on ICQ or IRC about it, and invite friends, etc. If you're lucky enough to be on a LAN, even more fun to have LAN parties with groups of folks.


StormHammer 02-24-2000 10:06 PM

Thanks Kurgan

I didn't think of having a LAN party. My only problems would be:

a) where to hold it
b) getting there
c) who to invite

Hmmm... One to think about...

Quote: 'I have a very bad feeling about this.'

LDB_Leeman 02-25-2000 04:11 PM

I'm reluctant because of the extortionate call charges put up by Britains phone companies.

Darth Kurgan 02-25-2000 06:14 PM

So I take it services like NetZero and Juno don't work over there?

How does the phone system work in your town, maybe that would help. Playing on the 'net shouldn't cost anymore than using the 'net (I don't pay a single dime more for the added bonus of playing online games).


Darth Kurgan 02-25-2000 06:18 PM

Where to hold it:

Someplace that has a LAN setup. A business (often "Play Land" type businesses offer games and stuff for kids and have networks for games) of some kind is bound to have one, if you can get through the proper channels (ask first!!!). Schools and universities have them usually (got any friends who are students?). Visit a nearby college and maybe get permission there.

Who to invite:
People who want to play the game(s) offered! Don't invite folks who are going to hax0r the network and get you into trouble, but get some fun-luvin' folks who want to have some fun. I don't think you need to charge admission. Usually these affairs are pretty informal..

How to get there? (Walk, bus, get a ride, drive, bicycle, you decide). Pick a place that's close though, unless you like to travel. Surely there's a place close by you that has such a thing.

If all else fails.. buy a bunch of computers or have folks bring there's over and hook 'em all into some hubs. (yeah right, but if you want!)


Argath 02-25-2000 06:22 PM

The British pay by the minute for their phone service. Online games generally take quite a while to play, and the costs add up very quickly.

LDB_Leeman 02-26-2000 07:04 AM

Exactly Argath.
4p a minute weekdays between 8am and 6pm, after 6pm weekdays costs 1.5p a min.
Weekends is only 1p a minute, but the fact that it becomes cheaper in the evenings when the net slows down pretty much cancels out the cheaper calls - although it's cheaper, we end up spending longer online because of all the net congestion.

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StormHammer 02-26-2000 07:30 PM

Does anybody know anybody who has some idea of how to get bots working in Jedi Knight? And where can I pick up a decent level editor - preferably with a set of instructions ?

In an ideal world, I'd love to play over the Internet for a few hours at a time ... but it ain't going to happen - 6 week old babies (my second son) have a way of demanding your attention . I only get to play JK or any other game for about an hour at a time (if I'm lucky).

'I have a very bad feeling about this.'

LDB_Leeman 02-26-2000 09:18 PM

Storm, have a look on my site ( in Viper's Den - he's a close friend of mine who edits levels - he's got a simple guide from which you can make levels.

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StormHammer 02-27-2000 10:19 PM

Thanks LDB_Leeman.

I may be taking up level design a bit late, but better late than never The Reckoning is a great site, by the way.

'I have a very bad feeling about this.'

Darth Kurgan 02-28-2000 01:01 AM


The British pay by the minute for their phone service. Online games generally take quite a while to play, and the costs add up very quickly.
I see, that sucks. Sorry to hear that!


BeastMaster 02-28-2000 04:24 PM

I don't usually play online either.

I spend so much time doing other things online (like these forums ) that I rarely have time to play.

Plus, I run into all sorts of latency issues on my computer (I need a new graphics card).

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