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Anikan Skywalker jr 04-09-2000 07:35 PM

I am having truble playing MotS on the Zone
I have truble getting MotS to work on the zone. The Zone tells me I do not have the game, problem - I do and it has been installed. I have tryed everything I and the zone techs can think of. Can anyone help?

This is making me mad, I realy like MotS and would like to play.

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LDB_Leeman 04-09-2000 08:22 PM

Well, is MotS in the default directory?
Have you tried re-installing?
ALso, try playing by IP - its much more fun and allows for more than 4 players (although I reccommend that the host has a T1 or Cable modem. DSL would be better still)

Anikan Skywalker jr 04-10-2000 01:31 PM

Been there done that. But I dont know many people to play an IP game. If you want to play tell me and we can set up a game. I can only play in the evenings, thou. Thanks.

LDB_Leeman 04-10-2000 04:35 PM

Well, my clan meets every Sunday at 8pm GMT. We all know how to play IP, and would be more than happy to give you a game.
(by the way, GMT is British time).
If you're from the US however, it may cause some problems.

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Anikan Skywalker jr 04-11-2000 12:13 PM

It will not cause many problems I just have to estimate the time. Anyway I am not planing on joinning a group yet but if you would help me set up a game it would be very helpful. I am in US.

LDB_Leeman 04-12-2000 04:28 PM

OK. the time when I'm writing this is 6:30pm on Wednesday the 12th of April.
So, the time on the top of this post should enable us to determine the time difference.

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LDB_Leeman 04-12-2000 04:30 PM

Well, time difference to the server is 5hours - (GMT is +5 hours ahead of the server on which's message boards are on, so you'll have to meet us at 3pm your time on sunday (unless, of course, your time is different to the message board's!)
My zone ID is LDB_Leeman , and my clan meets in the Cantina.
What's you zone id?

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Kylilin 04-14-2000 12:47 AM

try reinstalling the game and your zone files.

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Anikan Skywalker jr 04-14-2000 12:03 PM

Kylilin, I have reinstalled, many times. I did the basic stuf already, give me something better please.
LDB_Leeman, I cant get online around 3pm on sunday. I will be trying to play this eve but I am not sure when.

"Don't think, Feel the Force."

Kylilin 04-14-2000 05:39 PM

so, you can't get in the zone, or you can't launch a game when you're already in the zone?

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